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Youshaa Bassa : the man behind Bride’s Choice

YoushaBeing an entrepreneur in this competitive world is no easy task. But with determination, self-confidence and the willingness to take risks, nothing can stop you. Youshaa Bassa, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and director of Bride’s Choice, has demonstrated that ups and downs in life cannot prevent you from achieving your goals. 

Originality, innovation, personal touch and competitiveness are the few words that Youshaa Bassa believes in. A resident of Plaine Magnien, the young man is all set to bring a change in the world of dressing for new brides. He strongly believes that he is born to be an entrepreneur despite the hardships he has been facing. 

Youshaa Bassa reveals that before undertaking his journey in entrepreneurship, he was in the web design and photography but he was not seduced by this field. Hence, he left everything behind and got involved in his family business. After learning about and getting acquainted with the business world, he embarked on entrepreneurship. The idea of Bride’s Choice emerged when for his own wedding, he encountered tremendous difficulties looking for beautiful and unique clothing items around the island. He had to travel to different countries to find the perfect costume. For instance, he states that for one ceremony, he bought a costume in Turkey and a second one in Europe. After this adventure, he decided to start this business to help people in Mauritius to buy their dream dress more easily.  

The entrepreneur emphasizes that his company offers quality products at affordable prices. At Bride’s Choice, you will find European, Turkish and Chinese wedding dresses, he adds. “All the dresses are of top quality and can be personalized as per customer’s choice. We also give customers the opportunity to design their dream dresses. For example, if a customer has seen a dress elsewhere but the price is exorbitant, we can make it at our place, too.” 

YoushaIn order to give a better service to the customers, the young entrepreneur does not hesitate to visit the customers himself and engage in meaningful discussions to help them make a good choice. For those who do not possess any means of transport, he takes care of the delivery as well. “We want to help customers at all costs and give them better experiences with us. So, if someone orders a dress from us, we also send them a video and a picture of their orders.”

The struggle of an entrepreneur 

In this journey of entrepreneurship, Youshaa is not alone. He is supported by his wife Maryam. As they work together, his wife helps clients towards making a better choice for their outfits. Youshaa avers that establishing this business was a challenge for them but together, they were able to overcome all difficulties. He points out that there are times when they work under constant pressure. “Undoubtedly, the world of entrepreneurship is characterized by financial pressures and stress. It’s up to us to make things work.” 

When it comes to the future, the entrepreneur is very optimistic and has a plan in mind. “We want to open a showroom with a different concept so that our customers can choose their outfits easily. But most of our dresses will always be on order, because it’s easier for us to create customized products.”


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