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World of toys : the trendiest ones for Christmas 2019

The most-awaited celebration of the holidays is almost here guys. All children are eagerly waiting for Christmas day to open up their gifts and see if Santa Claus has brought them the toys their hearts wished for. To make this year’s Christmas memorable, we bring to you the trendiest and most popular toys on the market for 2019.


We are all gearing up to celebrate in pomp the end-of-year festivities and especially children, who are the most eager ones, as they are waiting for Christmas. They are excitingly waiting for Santa Claus to bring them lots of gifts and surprises. This year again, we noticed that toys and gadgets that are technologically related have much success among kids. The IT related toys have indeed conquered the toy market. However, board games as well as outdoors are also trendy on the market, as parents want to encourage their children to spend less screen time. News on Sunday paid a visit to Santa Claus and he shared with us the trendiest toys children have wished for this year. Note that the toys are available in different stores but mainly available at Lotus d’Or, Meem Trading, Ah Ling Wonderland, Lindsay Trading and others. 

Board games


They are back in the game trend this holiday. The family-friendly board games are more than ever conquering again the hearts of kids and teens. Monopoly, Jumanji, Domino, Snake and Ladders, my Rummy – you name it. These are available in various models and formas. These board games are available at different levels, namely for kids starting as from the age of 5, children aged between 8 to 12 and teens as from 13 up to 16 years. For example, there is the Monopoly Junior, which is suitable for kids aged 5 and up, the Monopoly LOL for kids aged 8 and up and the Monopoly Fortnite for teens aged 13 and up.  A board game that will definitely seduce the whole family is the One Night Ultimate Werewolf game or the Epic Battle version. It is a fast-paced game where everyone gets to be in a different role. Players have to determine who among them is a werewolf. This game is suitable for kids aged 8 and up and can be also fun to play with the whole family. For smaller kids, board games where they can learn about time, counting, reading, creating words and more are famous. 

Outdoor games


It is summer time and it is the best time to play outdoor games and have fun in the sun. Gifts that know much success during the festive season are indeed outdoor games, namely bicycle, trotinette, kids truck, kids buggy, slides, swings as well as all the seaside toys. One of the major reasons why such gifts are popular this year is because more parents want their child to take on a physical activity and spend less time behind their screens. Other family-oriented outdoor games are lawn bowling, giant board games such as snake and ladders or even water bouncing balls, which can be played in the pool or at the seaside.  

High-tech dolls and plush


In terms of plush, the Furreal plush toy remains trendy this year also. You have various animals such Howlin’ Hector, Torch My Blazing Dragon, among others. The plushes can all make sound and motion combo. These are suitable for kids aged 4 years and up. The craze for Hatchimals is also still on. These colourful animals live inside an egg. The Hatchimal needs to be taken care of in order for it to come out of its egg. Once out of the egg, it’s time to raise your Hatchimal by teaching it how to walk, talk, dance, play games and more!  The price range for these toys starts as from Rs 2,000. 

The Baby Alive dolls ‘Real as can be’ from Hasbro are still famous this year. They are available in different models. The classic ‘Annabelle’ doll who cries real tears and does the ‘weewee’ also remains trendy on the market. Other high-tech dolls available are the Luva Bella. Fans of the Disney Animation movie ‘The Lion King” will definitely be pleased to receive the plush of their favourite character. These plushes make different sounds. Juno, the baby elephant will also make the hearts of the little ones happy. Juno makes over 100 sounds and movements. 
There is also a craze this year for the sequin plush. Unicorn, penguin, parrot, owl, cat, dog, panda, rabbit, flamingo, and more variety of sequins plushes are being sold like small breads. Kids, especially girls love it. They are available in backpack, purse, slipper socks and slides sandal version as well.

Science learning games


There are nearly a hundred models of science learning games on the market. From learning about the dinosaurs and how they disappeared to astronomy, chemistry and many more, science games are very popular this year. These will not only allow children to have a fun time but they will also develop an inquisitive character and broaden their knowledge on various topics. For example, the ‘Archeofun – T-Rex’ game offers the child as from 7 years to dig into a block, observe the fossils and assemble the fascinating skeleton of the T-Rex dinosaur. In addition, the child can keep the skeleton which glows in the dark. This gift will cost you less than Rs 400. Note that you have a variety of dinosaur games on the market such as archaeology discovery sets and many more. 

For fans of chemistry or lab experiments, you have the Chemistry Set and the Scientific Microscope which allow kids to have fun and learn through many activities and experiments. If your child is fond of biology, you can also find discovery games which will allow him/her to learn more about the anatomy of the human body, genetics, DNA and more. If he/she is fond of mechanics and engineering, architectural and engineering games as well as physics games will trigger his/her skills. Those who love discovering new countries and are fond of geography would love board games that will allow them to discover the world. Children are also fond of astronomy. A telescope to trigger their interest in astronomy is also a great gift idea for Christmas. 

The educative high-tech toy Tiptoi ‘The Pen’ from Ravensburger also remains trendy this year. Tiptoi is a digital audio learning system where children use an electronic pen when interacting with Tiptoi books, games, puzzles, or even a globe. The pen has a built-in microphone and children can use it to touch different elements printed on the pages of a book and then listen to sounds or a story that is being read aloud. Your child can easily learn different languages with Tiptoi. For kids as from 4 years and up. 

A new and trendy game is the 3D Maze Game. The Perplexus, available in different models such as Epic, Light Speed and more, is contained within a sphere and challenges the player to overcome several obstacles. The player has to put his/her skills to test by guiding the ball through high-tension manoeuvres. This game is suitable for kids aged 8 and above. 

Boys prefer


A game that is back in the trend this year is the ‘Bakugan’ Japanese-Canadian animated adventure television series games. Kids all over the world crave to have their ‘Bakugan’ toys so as to engage in fun and thrilling battles with their friends. You will find the action figures, trading cards, battle packs, battle brawlers, the storage case and more in shops. However, be quick as a few only are left. For the ‘Bakugan’ toys, plan a budget starting as from Rs 200. These are suitable for kids aged 6 and over.  Boys are also still big fans of fire trucks, cars, racing cars, monster cars, buggy, construction trucks, trains, and more. You will find both manual as well as remote controlled vehicles on the toy market. For these, you can plan a budget starting as from Rs 150. These are also available in small, medium as well as big forma and from normal to more sophisticated in terms of technology and options included. Action figures such as Power Rangers, Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Thanos and more are also still popular among boys. These games are suitable for kids aged from 5 and up.  

Girls prefer


The craze among girls is games that are related to fashion and beauty. From making friendship bracelets to nail polish set, beauty plat set or making your own bath bomb, these are games that are to die for among girls. For these you should plan a budget starting as from Rs 450. Games that remain popular among girls are sewing machine, dinner set, kitchen set and shops set. Some of these play sets are available as a luggage play set, which is very practical, as the child can carry it easily and the toys can be tidily packed in the carry-on luggage. These are available in small, medium as well as in big forma. For this, you can plan a budget starting as from Rs 100. These games are suitable for kids aged 5 and more. Moreover, classic baby dolls are also still very popular among girls. Baby dolls in their strollers and baby doll in the bath tub would make great gifts for girls aged as from 3 and more.

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