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Widaad Hosanee : God-gifted artist

A famous philosopher and writer once said “The world of realities has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless.”

This one line summarises the life of the young grooming artist Widaad Hosanee. Ranked first in Mauritius in art and design at SC level, Widaad, a student of Dr. Maurice Curé State College, makes us discover her artistic universe.

I was not expecting to be ranked first in Mauritius. It’s a gift for me and my parents

It's hard to believe that at such a young age, Widaad’s paintings are so mesmerizing and she decided to pursue a life-long passion for fine arts. It was a moment of pride and glory when Widaad and her family came to know she was ranked first. She was surprised but happy that her patience and hard work had been fruitful. “I was not expecting to be ranked first in Mauritius. It's a gift for me and my parents,” she expresses.

Despite being discouraged by some or having faced criticism, for her HSC level also she has chosen art and design as her main subject along with mathematics and physics. Some people criticised her choice but she listened to her heart and her parents. “Unfortunately, in Mauritius, people underestimate art and creativity. My combinations of subjects shocked more than one and some people even gratified me with cynical comments. My parents supported me in my decision. I feel confident about my abilities,” she adds.

Endless love for art

A painter is someone who never runs out of colours. Likewise, Widaad’s colours are her silence notes which she pours on her canvas depicting her thoughts, her imagination and her feelings. Since childhood, Widaad had a special love for drawing and painting. She loved working with colours.

For her, it was a means of expressing herself. Her parents have always encouraged her to exploit her potential. She has participated in competitions since a tender age. Her family believes that she followed the step of her grandfather who was a tailor and was very creative. “My first competition was the one organised by the SBM. Then I enrolled in courses at the Alliance Francaise. I had the opportunity to develop my talent even more,” she says.

Her budding dream started since childhood and knitted a dream world around her. She can easily create, paint and draw. She has magical hands. She can naturally spend hours alone drawing and giving free rein to her imagination. “I use several techniques but my favourites are pastel and acrylic. To paint it takes a lot of patience. It is easy but art is a channel that requires a lot of attention. In the end, when I see the final product, it's another satisfaction,” she reveals.

In addition, she makes birthday cards for friends and loved ones. According to her, it is a great pleasure to use her know-how to craft things. She also makes paintings to embellish her house and she offers paintings as gifts to her dear ones. “Some people are ready to buy my paintings the moment they set eyes on what I’ve created. Some have already offered to sell my paintings,” she avers.

Passion for animals and cooking

Widaad is also passionate about cooking. She has taken pastry courses and often at home, she prepares cakes that everyone loves. According to her mother, she has become a Neapolitan expert. The young and reserved girl has an unusual dream, to go to China to play with the Panda.

“I am very interested in animals, especially the Panda. I really wish to go and meet them one day,” she hopes. Widaad has not yet made her career choice. But one thing is certain, she absolutely wants to keep her creativity side. She wants to have her own gallery in the future.

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