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African Market Fertile Ground for Mauritius

Once known as the Dark and Hopeless Continent by economists around the globe, Africa, centuries later, is being referred to as the Rising Continent. Various countries across the world are showing much interest in African countries including Mauritius, which has been having a long-lasting presence among the African countries.

Mauritius is Ready for 11th World Hindi Conference

Three thousand members registered from all over the world to participate in the 11th World Hindi Conference 2018 that is going to take place in Mauritius from 18th to 20th August. Along with world renowned Hindi language writers and editors, many Bollywood actors such as Jaya Bachchan, Anupam Kher, Hema Malini, Prasoon Joshi, Kiran Kher, Shekhar Kapoor will also bring their contribution. Starting from Saturday, this Conference will witness the starting of a new chapter in the field of language development in the country. On the eve, the ‘Ganga Aarti’ will be conducted at Ganga Talao to mark the theme of “Indian Culture” in the presence of all 3,000 members.

Dr Roukaya Kasenally: “Mauritius as a ‘Paradise Island’ is cheap propaganda and causes us to be complacent”

In a modern country like Mauritius, gender inequality still remains a major issue. Statistics clearly show the gap.   Senior lecturer and co-founder of Mauritius Society Renewal, Dr Roukaya Kasenally elaborates on this matter. She also talks about the degeneration of social values in our country.

Ali Jookhun

25 Years Fighting for the Voiceless

His pathway is that of a fighter who has led relentless battles for the rights of the disabled in Mauritius. Ali Jookhun has dedicated 25 years of his life to social work. The one who makes the voice of the voiceless heard shares with News on Sunday his journey, the adversities he faced and his gaze on the future.

Luciano Azor

Laureate Shatters Cultural Stereotypes

2017 laureate on the Arts side, Luciano Azor made history by becoming the first ever laureate of his college. Coming from a very modest family, Luciano’s success story inspired the youth and the Mauritian people across all boards. Flying soon to Malaysia to pursue his university studies in law, the promising young man shares with us in a candid interview about the changes that occurred in his life since the big announcement, his dreams and hopes for the future.

The Bright Future of Art in Mauritius

The best way to predict the future is to create it and this is what our young Mauritian artists are doing. In spite of not having a single permanent art gallery in the country, we are organising art exhibitions on a regular basis, where artists and tourists can have a look at Mauritian art. But, the good news is that a scarcity of resources cannot hinder your path to success.



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