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Voici la Une de News on Sunday de ce Vendredi 15 Novembre 2019

Jean Michel Pitot : “Mauritius as a beach destination solely will no more suffice”

Jean Michel Pitot is the CEO of Attitude Hotels / Attitude Group / Attitude Hospitality Management Ltd and the president of the Hotels and Restaurants Association of Mauritius (AHRIM). He shares with News on Sunday his analysis of the current tourism sector, the major issues affecting us and his expectations for the sector in 2020.

New government

Top 5 short-term priorities

The new government has already been established with a new vision. With a global crisis looming ahead and a public debt soaring, experts in different fields underline that the new government has to look into the top five priorities to strengthen the economy.  Below are five top essential priorities elaborated to elevate the country to the desired level for a more prosperous future.  

Swearing-in ceremony

Neophytes gear up for new era in transforming the country

The new government of Pravind Jugnauth took the oath at the swearing-in ceremony in presence of the Acting President, Barlen Vyapoory, at the State House, Réduit, on Tuesday. Among the new ministers, there are nine neophytes who occupy for the first time a ministerial portfolio. They share with us their priorities and how they will ensure good governance as well as transparency.

The rising epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common type of diabetes. In the context of World Diabetes Day celebrated on 14th November, Dr Reshma Ramracheya and Dr Srishti Ramsaha shed light on the rising concern of Type 2 diabetes among children and adolecents in Mauritius.

Curbing public debt and boosting growth

Two conflicting goals?

Public debt has reached the level of nearly Rs 325 billion, representing 65% of Gross Domestic Product. The Internal Monetary Fund expects public debt to rise to 70% of GDB by 2020. While economic growth is unlikely to exceed 3.8% this year, the continuous fall of the rupee will soon trigger a rise in consumer prices as importers face a higher bill.

Eat with fingers


Vegan restaurant conquers Mauritian food lovers

With only one bite, your pessimistic concepts about vegan food will quickly melt. Healthy, fresh and delicious, the dishes at this vegan restaurant will leave you craving for more. Geraldine and Michael, the directors of Eat with Fingers, share with us their story of how they decided to open the first 100% vegan restaurant in the island.




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