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Miss and Mr University of Mauritius : Neha Nameshwaree Dabee and Teddy Bholanauth win hearts by their charisma 

It has been a night full of delight, a mixture of pomp, color, hype, creativity and fun for the university students. This annual event has become a must. For this edition, Neha Nameshwaree Dabee and Teddy Bholanauth won the titles with their determination and talent. While Neha Dabee is familiar with pageantry, Teddy Bholanauth was at his first attempt. 


NehaNeha Nameshwaree Dabee : “I want to win the international competition” 

23-year-old Neha Dabee is a student in Management and has been proudly crowned to represent the University of Mauritius for 2019. She has not only won the beauty queen title but at the same time, turned out to be Miss Photogenie 2019 and World Miss University of Mauritius 2019. Despite being a shy lady, Neha has been able to overcome her timidity by participating in various activities and competitions. The beauty queen is acquainted with beauty pageants, as last year, she participated in the Miss Mauritius contest and was the first runner-up for Miss Tourism 2018-2019. She reveals that despite not winning the title of Miss Mauritius, she has learned lots of important things which molded her character. “I was speechless and the first thing which popped into my mind was that I did it. I was extremely happy for this level up. Seeing the pride of people who helped me made me even happier. And I realized that hard work pays off as long as you believe in yourself. I was glad I didn’t give up, despite adverse circumstances.”

The talented young lady believes that learning is a never-ending process for her and she always challenges herself to go the extra mile. “I wanted to participate in this competition to learn about new things, to have an experience, to be a better version of myself and to meet those amazing people. There is no force more powerful than a person determined to rise.”


Moreover, Neha has always been someone very active. Having a passion for sports, she joined a futsal team, started by training and playing along with the girls of her team for tournaments.  Dancing is another passion and she performed in various events at the University for the past two years. These two activities helped her in increasing her self-confidence. “I love dancing and I also love to practice sports, which are futsal and badminton during my free time. There are tournaments during the year and I get the opportunity to play with my team. As for dance, my University gave me many opportunities to present my performance in various events.”

Her dream is to become a pilot, to experience different cultures around the world and to win a world pageant. She wants to help her family, friends and her surroundings to flourish, and to navigate their energy and apprehension successfully and work on their talents. For now, she desires to win the international competition where she will be representing Mauritius.

TeddyTeddy Bholanauth : “With my title, I want to serve the community”

The newly-crowned Mr. University, Teddy Bholanauth, has made his amazing debut in the world of pageantry and modeling. The 19-year-old student in Food Science and Technology confides that he is delighted about this achievement.

He has impressed the judges with his outstanding personality and won the title of Mr. Talent and Mr. Charm as well. Even if it has been his debut on the ramp, he was not frightened to face the judges or the audience.

He gave his best and he turned out to reach top of the list, despite a string of talented participants. “I decided to participate in this competition for two obvious reasons. First, for self-discovery and to set an example for those who are afraid to face the limelight. I want to be a role model for those who are petrified to express themselves. With my title, I want to serve the community.”

TeddyHe states that although it was his first time, he was confident, as he has received professional coaching. “I like to challenge myself and learn new things. So this has been an enriching experience for me so far. Now I am aiming higher. I really want to represent Mauritius at international level.”

The young man is a sprinter and is training hard to be able to represent Mauritius in the next Indian Ocean Island Games. He is also a guitarist and has bagged a distinction from the Royal School of Music. During his free time, he either indulges in music or go out on fishing trips.


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