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Insatisfaite du protocole sanitaire, la Mauritian Air Line Pilot Association adresse une lettre au Dr Gaud

Des pilotes de la compagnie d'aviation nationale réclament des changements au niveau du protocole sanitaire. La Mauritian Air Line Pilot Association (MALPA) a adressé une lettre au Dr Catherine Gaud, conseillère au bureau du Premier ministre.

Les membres de l'association affirment que des pilotes sont contraints de reprendre du service, sans respecter les sept jours d’isolement.

La MALPA parle également de risques qu’ils encourent lors de leurs escales à Paris, lorsqu’ils sont obligés de prendre les transports en commun pour se déplacer.

Voici la lettre 

Dear Dr Gaud,

We would like to bring to your attention some concerns concerning the current MOH protocols for the Pilot crew. 

1) Pilots are allowed to be called back to do another flight during their 7 days of Isolation. 

Please note that there is currently two types of flight. One that requires 7 days of Isolation ( pax or layover) and another one ( cargo) that does not require any Isolation.

There have been several instances that a Pilot (pilot A) who has been called out to do a flight during his 7 days or isolation was Paired with another Pilot( pilot B)  for a cargo flight. You will understand the problem that can arise in this situation. Pilot A will continue his Isolation whereas Pilot B, who has been in close contact with pilot A and may have been contaminated is now free to roam around the Island. How can we be asking Pilot A to have no contact with his family members and friend but can be in contact with a colleague?

Please note that wearing a facemask and Glove is not feasible in the cockpit and it is also not feasible to sanitize each and every button after your colleague has touched it. 

2) Currently after a flight that requires self-isolation, Pilots are being listed as OFF on their roster. 

An 'Off day' is a very important day for a Pilot. It is supposedly a day free of any duty that allows the pilot to participate in leisure activity and to rest so that he can be in optimum mental and physical health for his next flight. 

You will understand that being on duty of self Isolation in order to protect other citizens of Mauritius,  the pilots are not able to participate in normal leisure activities. Also, recurring periods of isolations ( some colleagues have been in Isolation for 25 consecutive days) may have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of a person. We have attached a document that explains the reason why Pilots need proper days off and why being on duty of self Isolation cannot be considered as a Day Off.

3) While on a layover in Paris, Crew is requested not to leave the hotel premises. However, the crew is requested to go on foot and through CDG VAL ( public transport )  from terminal 2 to the hotel that is in terminal 3 and vice versa.  There have been many instances where the CDG VAL was full as lots of people got in and not maintaining social distancing. Being asked to Use Public transport to go to and from the hotel increases the exposure and the risk of contamination for crews.

All other airlines have a bus that takes them from the airplane directly to the hotel. 

We would therefore suggest that the protocol is amended to include the following :

A) Pilots that are currently in self Isolation are not rostered for a flight with another Pilot that is not in Isolation if the flight that they will do together does not require Isolation afterward to protect the citizen of our Island. 

B) National Duty of self Isolation is not considered as a day off on the Pilot roster. The pilot should be given a minimum of 'real day off' to be able to maintain their health. 

C) To minimize possible contact and decrease potential exposure to the virus, We suggest that Crew is given a mode of transport to and from the hotel in Paris. 

We rely on your collaboration to look into the above matter.


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