ICAC landing at Good Governance Ministry

Par News on Sunday O commentaire

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac) inquiry on Heritage City is taking a new step. The anti-corruption commission has collected documents from the Ministry of Good Governance this week but very little information is available on this case. ICAC seeks to know whether the opinion of the experts was solicited to justify the costs of Stree Consulting.

During its landing at the Ministry of Good Governance this week, the Commission was looking for specific information. The files found do not reveal much about Stree Consulting and the amount paid to the consultant.

Icac is interested in the process by which the governments of Mauritius and Dubai reached a Government-to-Government agreement and chose to entrust Stree Consulting with the task of developing a Master Plan for Heritage City.

Roshi Bhadain, who headed the project when he was Minister of Good Governance, said that at each stage, the project was presented to Cabinet. According to him, all the Ministers had a copy of the file and all the decisions taken were endorsed by the High Powered Committee.