News on Sunday

Emtel gifts one year free internet to Michael Angelo Mootoo


Michael Angelo Mootoo, the 10-year-old genius who impressed the people of Mauritius with his rich culture and thirst for knowledge, received a year of free subscription from Airbox, its unlimited Internet service and a tab by Emtel to help in developing both holistic and cognitive skills.

Kresh Goomany, Chief Operating Officer of Emtel, stated that Michael Angelo impressed them on a number of things. “He is the pride of the country and we wanted to give him something in return; what better than this inexhaustible source of knowledge: the Internet.”

The mother of Michael, Noëlette François, thanked Emtel for this initiative. “Thanks to this subscription, Michael will be able to quench his thirst for knowledge. Internet being a great educational tool will also help him in his studies. Michael Angelo is also very happy to have had a tab as a gift. I’ll make sure he uses it wisely for his academic development,” she said.


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