Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 6 : omission of names on voter’s list causes antagonism

In Constituency No. 6, many voters have left the voting centres angered, revolted. Reason: Their names were not on the voter list. Even Ashit Gungah, candidate of L’Alliance Morisien finds it regrettable that many voters could not find their names on the voter list and according to him, it was not just a problem in this Constituency No 6. “In fact, we must investigate why this problem occurred. It is for the first time that people in such a great number did not find their names on the voter list. “Not only individuals but many families were deprived of this civic right,” he adds.

Comparing this election to that of 2014, Mahend Gungapersad, candidate of L’Alliance Nationale, affirms that he is more confident as a candidate this time than in 2014. “A dynamic team worked with me this time and I have been active in this constituency for a long time,” he admits. All these factors have rendered him positive about the victory of L’Alliance Nationale. He just hopes that the population does the right choice by voting for his party. 

Number of electors : 53 949
Voters Turnout : 41 398
Percentage of abstention : 23.26%


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