Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 2 : Surtee Soonee GS at the centre of attraction

It is in Ward IV more precisely at the Raoul Rivet Government School that electors of Constituency No. 2 started to fulfil their civic duties in the early morning on Thursday. Electoral campaigns as well as voting day took place in a very shy atmosphere in this region of Port Louis. MMM Candidate Reza Uteem was present in his Constituency well before 8:00 a.m. He told us that his running mates and himself were on the “battlefield” early. At around noon, less than 50% of the voters of Constituency No. 2 had cast their votes.

The electoral atmosphere, was mainly felt in the region of Vallee Pitot and Tranquebar, where voters and political agents were present at the voting centres in high numbers. Several incidents were registered. They were mainly concerned with the change of voting centres. For instance, part of the inhabitants who usually cast their votes at the Surtee Soonnee Government School were transferred to the Notre Dame De Lorette RCA. “We did notify the electors through a letter sent to them by post but many of them claimed they did not receive same,” Mr Mohammad Goolamally, Senior Presiding Officer, told News on Sunday.

Moreover, at around 5:00 p.m., many electors made their way to the several voting centres. Many voters including political parties’ supporters invaded the school yard of the Surtee Soonee school. The L’Alliance Morisien candidate, Abdullah Hossen, was involved in an argument with policemen present there. But things returned to normal after the closure of the voting centre.

Number of electors : 24 238
Voters Turnout : 17 723
Percentage of abstention : 26.88%


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