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Anoucheka Gangabissoon, teacher and poet : young teacher compares poetry to therapy

Anousheka Gangabissoon selling her works at a book  exhibition hosted by the Editions de l’Océan Indien. Anousheka Gangabissoon selling her works at a book exhibition hosted by the Editions de l’Océan Indien.

Poetry is the medium that Anoucheka Gangabissoon uses to express her sentiments to the world. She has more than 400 poems published on her blog: and and has five publications to her name.

On, which is an international site, Anoucheka Gangabissoon has participated in many poetry competitions, being often among the winners. “I was also among the winners of an international poetry competition based in Italy, called the Gli Amici di Guido Gozzano,” says the primary school teacher. Her works have appeared in various literary magazines both in print and online sites around the world, in countries like Canada, Africa, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and India. As a poet and author, Anoucheka Gangabissoon would like to see Mauritius hold a good position in the international literary field.

Becoming a writer has been a childhood dream. “I grew up with fairy tales in my head and knew that one day, I would be an author,” she reveals. It is in difficult times, she continues, that God pushed her on the path of poetry. Writing and poetry act as a therapy in one's life. "I think that God speaks to me to alleviate the suffering that I simply feel to be alive in a world that has no meaning because everything ends with death,” argues the poet.
For her, writing is an element of mysticism and has a spiritual meaning. For this reason, many of her poems are about the lost person who looks up to God, the Savior. “Writing is a gift from God,” she affirms. She would like Mauritians to be more interested in her art and imagination. “It's something that resonates inside me and runs through my veins, just seeking to be shared,” she says.

As she sees it, her poetry would give people a chance to not only have a peak into her soul but would also inspire them to have a new outlook at life with a sort of divine track added to it.  “After all, many of my poems are spiritual.  As for the love poems, they have a meaning.  I know they seem riddling when I just display them like that.  But someday, if life would turn out the way I wish it to be, I would then write an autobiography and I would explain what I was writing about in my poems,” she adds. 

Reading culture in Mauritius

However, she is saddened by what is happening to the reading culture in our country.  It seems that reading is restricted only to the older generation while the youth simply rebukes this activity. Reading, for her, has become something which people do only to get information and not for pleasure, like it is limited to news, Facebook updates, messages and studying for exams.  “When I approach people during my book signing sessions, very few of them respond positively. They listen to me, about the book and then they thank me politely.  Those who show interest are scarce,” she deplores.   Being an author and a teacher, she is much distressed by this.  She wishes people would let go of their tablets and Smartphones, and would go back to holding a book in their hands and being amazed at what has been written therein.

E-books vs. printed books

Anoucheka Gangabissoon does not think that e-books are causing books to fade.  The stories, the messages they carry, are still there.  It is only the medium through which people read that has changed.  “In Mauritius, e-books have still a long way to go merely because the purchasing system of such type of media is yet to be worked on.  Abroad, on the other hand, many authors sell their books via Kindle and other e-versions,” she declares. She herself would be for the implementation of an e-book system in Mauritius as she believes that we have to do whatever we can to save trees and protect the environment.  And maybe then, the reading culture would meet with some positivity.

5 publications

  1. Awakened Fancies – Published in 2014 by Osman Publishing.
  2. Scattered Dandelions – Published in 2017 by the President’s Fund for Creative Writing
  3. One collection of poems, printed on Amazon and other sellers like Barnes and Nobles.  The publisher is based in Canada and is called Scarlet Leaf Publishing House.  The printed collection is called A Poet’s Secrets.
  4. A collection of short stories – Tales from this World and The Other Ones – Published in May 2018 by EOI
  5. A collection of poems published this year in July by EOI and sponsored by the National Arts Fund – Mirrors of my Heart.

Extract from Mirrors : An Angel lost in Music

She was but ten years of age
So young yet, in her, was a deep rage
Life did give her nothing
So much that to its every requirement she had been failing
But her heart did start beating
The day she heard the music flowing
A violin it was, played by a most handsome musician
So much that she wanted to be, like him, a violin’s magician!
Frail she was, only ten
Abandoned, frightened
Left to herself in an orphanage
Yet, to voice out her heart’s will, she did have the courage
She did learn to play
She did make of the violin her life’s say
Why, other than for this instrument, she felt not for anything
She would never even resort to playing or even dancing
The music did fill up her empty heart
The melody did help her lose herself
She did no longer care about her sad state
To smile she did, once more, she did smile at life!
Her tutor did see in her some potential
When she played, she seemed even royal
Someday, she would grab the stars
Such he had already seen from afar
Yes, she lived only for music
Some saw in her a melodious mystic
Yes, she felt strongly for such a thing
The only thing that kept her, for a lifetime, breathing!


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