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Allan Mathieu : from Cite Argy to Shanghai, the story of success 

Allan Mathieu communicating with Chinese colleagues.

A young Mauritian and successful entrepreneur, Allan Mathieu is excelling in Shanghai. CEO of two companies, he has been able to shine in a foreign country foregoing all obstacles and challenges. From Cite Argy to Shanghai, his pathway has been similar to a battlefield. Courageous, determined and a true dreamer, Allan Mathieu has dealt with all ups and downs with bravery. 


Allan MathieuAllan Mathieu is the CEO and founder of YOAL Shanghai Trade.Co.Ltd China, a licensed trade company dealing with the import and export business in China. YOAL Paradise Agency Ltd is a business consulting company involved in the Tour operation sector in Mauritius and Axumi Business Consulting Services OÜ - Estonia engaged in the consulting of European companies who wish to establish themselves in China.  Starting his businesses was not an easy endeavour, as he hails from a lower middle-class family in Mauritius. His story started in 2012, when he was fed up of working for others and never getting any acknowledgement. Deep in his heart, he knew that he was a smart person and that he wanted to be his own boss, but he did not know how to start. He started to rent villas and he was doing this all alone, which eventually gave birth to YOAL Paradise Agency. “Despite all the difficulties and challenges with no diploma or university degree, no business background, to set up a company in Mauritius was not an easy task. In 2014, several months after Mauritius and China signed an agreement on Mutual Visa Exemption, lots of Chinese tourists were coming to Mauritius. I wanted to focus on this market but I didn't know how to do it. In the middle of the same year, one of my relatives introduced me to three Chinese tourists. It was the first time I was meeting Chinese people from China. I helped them visit the island. Among them was a young woman, who later became my wife.”

China is well-advanced in technology, they are living in the future, Mauritius can learn so much from China, if we are inclined enough to learn from them."

He reveals that China is an amazing country with lots of opportunities and different from what we generally think a country should be like. “China is well-advanced in technology, they are living in the future, Mauritius can learn so much from China, if we are inclined enough to learn from them.”
He believes that a dream is a dream, whether small or big. He refers to Jack Ma’s saying: “Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” He confides that this world is full of opportunities, if you can’t find one, create it. “Life is not easy for anybody; everyone has obstacles in life. But these challenges are for a reason, it separates those who really want to succeed and have a wonderful future from those who just wish things to happen to them. Always keep an open mind, respect everyone, love and most importantly, appreciate what you are doing.” 

Allan MathieuThe pathway of a warrior 

Allan Mathieu posseses the art of communication and has a flair. He has managed to establish long lasting relationships with foreigners from around the globe, mainly in France, England, Russia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Peru, Honduras, UAE, Chile, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, and some African countries. 

Moreover, he has participated in the 6th International Scout Gathering in Sharjah, UAE, also known as the Capital of Islamic culture, which took place in 2014. This event had over 135 participants, one from each country gathered together while learning the values of cooperation, mutual respect, tolerance, leadership, and the different cultures of the world. He was the only representative of Mauritius in this international event. “After a hard and serious selection among Mauritian and Rodrigues scout candidates from the Mauritius Scout Association, I was elected by the full comity as the best representative of the Mauritius Scout Movement abroad. When it comes to my work, I am a very active young entrepreneur, having won the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award for Leaders from the Ministry of the Youth and Sports, The Wood Badge, which is a recognized symbol worldwide amongst Scout leaders.”

He has also received a recognition certificate from foreign countries, such as The United Arab Emirates, Peru and Honduras, NGO`s – Pils and SOS poverty. As at now, he is the first and only Mauritian to be a member of the oldest Rotary Club in China, Shanghai Rotary Club. “Through the years, I received certificates from several organizations for my participation and help in lots of seminars, youth national meetings, as I was a very active member of the Roman Catholic Church.  On the social aspect, I also obtained lots of social work certificates, Telecommunication Agent Certificate, The Scout 5 Years Young Adult Leadership Certificate.” 


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