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World Women Day - Charon Potié Joseph : “Mauritius must be given the opportunity for a woman to take up the challenge as Prime Minister”

Charon Potié Joseph Charon Potié Joseph

Charon Potié- Joseph is the Executive Director of Safe and Sound Academy situated at D’Epinay Avenue in Quatre- Bornes. She is the founder member of Lions Club of Rivière Noire and became its President in 2012-2013.


During her presidency, the club was ranked in the top 10 clubs in Africa and Indian Ocean.    After having presided over many commissions on various occasions, she is currently the local delegate of the International Relationship Commission. She is a member of the choir at the “Conservatoire de Musique François Mitterrand” and The President of its “Parents Teachers Association.”

On the occasion of World Women Day, News on Sunday called upon her so that she may give her views on the status of local women, their aspirations and what they could do to give a better image of themselves in the days to come.

“In my profession, I employ more than 40 women, irrespective of their cultures and social backgrounds to give every woman an opportunity to succeed in their professional and social life. I make it a point that they all receive professional training on pedagogy, communication skills, self–esteem and values, all of which will help them to become dynamic women leaders in society.  I am always involved in many social activities and I firmly believe that Sheryl Sandberg has a point when she says that ‘in future, there will be no female leaders. There will be just Leaders’.

Mauritius has a woman as Vice-Prime Minister

The past generations have already sowed the seed of equal gender parity, such as access to education making women as skilled as men. We are now reaping the fruits of their actions; by seeing women occupying seats that were previously thought to be reserved for men only, as Entrepreneurs, Chief Executive Officers, Politicians, and everywhere in the working environment in Mauritius, it is clear that women have great potential.

It’s the first time ever that we have a woman as Vice- Prime Minister and another one as the President of our Republic; this will definitely encourage women to adhere to politics and to feel that they have a significant role to play. They can be the change in our society.

Gender Equality

Gender equality reflects each individual’s state of mind. Your association with feminists or macho men will determine where you view yourself on the gender equality scale. The other thing I can think of is an article in the Huffington’s Post ‘the American Blog’ – ‘Don’t just think going to work and coming home makes you a man. Being a father, being engaged is also important’.

Nowadays the breadwinner can be a man as well as a woman, as both partners work to bring an income home. Therefore, a woman can have her say resulting in both being involved in decision making. As both men and women have access to education, the sky is the limit for us, Ladies!

Mauritius ripe to have a woman as Prime Minister?

I will just say that the land has been ploughed and made fertile for leaders and if gender equality is to be respected, one day, we may have a competent female Prime Minister.  We have seen the results with a man as Prime Minister...

I strongly believe that a woman with the abilities to use emotional intelligence, manage conflicts, change and negotiate for the welfare of the State and all the Citizens of Mauritius  must be given the opportunity to take up the challenge. We have seen women at the helm of their governments in Germany, in Great Britain and these Ladies are certainly doing a fantastic job.

Who can forget the great achievements of Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher?

My message for young women in Mauritius

To the population I would say: Study the ying and yang and understand their deeper meanings, and remember the natural dualities in our world, including male and female energies.

To the young girls of Mauritius, I would advise: Believe in yourself, listen to your inner voices and finally strive for the balance in your own lives, your families and the society at large.

You should be independent, be self -confident and be the sole decision maker in your life. The culture of believing that women should remain subdued is not an option any more. 


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