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Voici la Une de News On Sunday de ce vendredi 29 juin 2018

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Medical tourism

Revitalizing a Promising Sector

The Sea, Sun and Sand of Mauritius are already famous around the globe. Mauritius is also one of the destinations for medical tourism. Transforming our country into an international healthcare, wellness and medical outsourcing hub has been high on the Government agenda since years. However, Mauritius is yet to tap into the potential of this promising sector.

Young Professionals

Teenage Pregnancy: Sex Education is Paramount

The number of teenage pregnancies has been taking an alarming, upward curve over the recent years in Mauritius. The situation looks desperate and demands for a few significant measures to be considered. What could be done to make our young girls more conscious about the risks associated with it? This week, young professionals debate on this issue. 

Dr Kavi Kumar Khedo:“Mauritius needs to move up in the value chain and focus more on high-end ICT/BPO activities”

The transformative journey for making Mauritius a digital country has already begun. The recent Budget has come forward with other interesting measures to boost the image of Mauritius as a digital Island. Associate Professor, Head of Department of Digital Technologies, Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies (FoICDT) at the University of Mauritius, Dr Kavi Kumar Khedo confides that Mauritius has indeed developed over the years but we still have a long way to go. He elaborates on how this sector can employ around 50 000 people.

“Give to Get” by Vishal Agarwal

A Guidebook for Leaders

Chairman and CEO of his own private investment management firm, Full Circle Africa, Vishal Agarwal has been inspired by his career of twenty-four years in corporate life to write his first book, “Give to Get.” Released globally in March 2018, “Give to Get” is a guidebook to help corporate employees and leaders to navigate challenges and learn how to turn them into strengths for success. The bestselling author of the leadership book shares with News on Sunday how he tackled the different facets of corporate life.

Khadeejah Hullemuth: A Multi-talented Young Lady

Epitome of simplicity, intelligence and excellence, Khadeejah Hullemuth is a rising youth icon in the United Kingdom. She is only 16 years old but she is never afraid to express herself or to make her voice heard. Elected as Member of Youth Parliament of UK, Khadeejah Hullemuth had the opportunity to speak in the United Kingdom House of Commons. A bubbly girl, Khadeejah wears several hats.

Dr Ranjeet Bhagooli

The First Mauritian Marine Researcher Selected for the World Reef Award 2018

There is no doubt that Mauritius has no shortage of experts. This week, we met Dr Ranjeet Bhagooli from the University of Mauritius, who has been selected for the “World Reef Award 2018” by the International Society of Reef Studies. Thus, he has become the first Mauritian marine researcher to receive such a prestigious award.

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