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Sectors in jeopardy

Bleak future for textiles?

The new labour laws have hardly been voted in Parliament to better protect workers that already hundreds of them claim to not have received their salaries since July. Indeed, Tara Knitwear factory located in Plaine Lauzun is facing serious difficulties and the employees are kept in the dark. Is the future of the textile sector looking bleak?

Nadège Nzeyimana: “Social media has changed the dynamics of politics” 

Nadège Nzeyimana is a Rwandan who has worked for the last nine years on a variety of initiatives aimed at improving transparency, accountability and citizen engagement in Rwanda. She had worked with the Rwanda anti-corruption and injustice institution and the Office of the Ombudsman. She is currently working with Transparency International Rwanda. Currently in Mauritius, the expert in communication and public relations shares with News on Sunday her views on how Mauritius can benefit from the Rwandan example in terms of control of corruption, how social media has revolutionized our ways of communicating and more. 

Safe City Project 

More fear than harm

The Safe City Project, which has been on the shelf for long, is now a reality. A project that aims to make Mauritius a safer country has known a major development at the start of this week with the inauguration of the Control and Command Centre at Ebène. This project has already shown positive results, last weekend, by helping in getting hold of a larceny. However, the question of violating people’s privacy is also in the limelight. Experts deliberate on the strengths and weaknesses of this project. 

Baljinder Sharma, co-founder of the India-Africa Entrepreneurship Forum: “We expect a richer, bigger attendance at the next India-Africa Summit”

The first reunion of Indian and African entrepreneurs ended on Sunday. The key driving force of the event, serial entrepreneur Baljinder Sharma, is already planning the next summit.

Cyber bullying might devastate lives

The world has turned into a global village with the use of the internet and social media. However, no technology comes without its adverse effects. Cyber bullying is one of those nuisances mushrooming in many countries, including our very own, which is reputed for its peace and unity. The psychologist Veediasha Beekaroo delves deep into this problem.

Stephania Andrianina

A multi-talented president paving way for a better society

Young, dynamic and ambitious, Stephania Andrianina is the new president and international director (2019-2020) for the Rotaract Club of Saint Pierre. An artist, a feminist and a youth activist, Stephania Andrianina is willing to bring a smile to the most vulnerable. 

news on sunday



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