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School Certificate results

Five-credit benchmark seems to be an ordeal

18,784 students from Mauritius and Rodrigues who took part in the School Certificate (SC) exams last year received their results online on Thursday 16th January. In some colleges, no more than 20% of students have obtained 5 ‘credits’. This year’s results are particularly important for the SC candidates, since it is as from 2020 that the Ministry of Education will be applying its policy of five-credits as compulsory to move to Grade 13 (HSC).

The rising threat of online scams

Scamming, card or internet fraud are some of the weaknesses of technological advent. If technology is rendering our lives easier, at the same time, we are also becoming vulnerable. With ongoing digital transformation, cybercrime has emerged as a major form of criminal activity where online businesses are vulnerable to various malicious endeavours.

Nabiil Bhankarally: “There is a mismatch of skills on the job market”

In-House Talent Acquisition Specialist and Recruitment Consultant for an International Consulting Group, Nabiil Bhankarally, aged 26, has been working in the recruitment field for three years. In this interview, the young professional shares with us his perspective on the job market in Mauritius, the saturation, unemployment among the youth and more.

Looming socioeconomic challenges

Mauritius is fast moving along an unprecedented development path. The onus has for long been placed on economic growth, higher FDI, higher per capita income and enhanced infrastructural development. However, lingering social issues should not be overlooked. The country needs to reinforce its ability to respond to major socioeconomic challenges of the hour.

Sagar Tulsidas

Entrepreneur aiming for a plastic-free island

Entrepreneurship runs in his blood. Since a tender age, Sagar Tulsidas has had a passion for business as he has seen his family involved in this field. Today, he is known as the director of Green Junkie, a company that specializes in wooden cutlery, paper cups and bagasse take-away. An entrepreneur with the vision to make Mauritius a plastic-free island.


Debilitating on overall health

It is one of the most common health issues affecting people across the world. Associated with a long list of physical and mental symptoms, stress is our bodies’ way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. Dr Ridwana Timol, Consultant in Psychology, Specialist in Sleep Neurophysiology & Neuropsychology at Wellkin Hospital, explains the causes, risk factors and impacts of stress on one’s health.

Dr Shyama Ramsamy: “We need an action plan to tackle the linguistic troubles of our students”

An English teacher, a published poet, a keynote speaker, Dr Shyama Ramsamy has addressed national and international conferences on divergent topics in Literature. She delivers special lectures as guest speaker to undergraduate and postgraduate students. A long time student at the University of Mysore, India and a Ph.D. holder, she did her research on Caribbean and Sri Lankan Literature. News on Sunday interacts with her to find out more about her.



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