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Constituency No 7

Election for a 38-day-MP

Saturday 17th August will be the Nomination Day for the election of one member of the National Assembly for the Constituency Piton/Rivière du Rempart (No 6). If the poll is really taken on 13th November 2019, the elected candidate will be a 38-day-MP. According to the Constitution, Parliament must be dissolved at latest on 21st December. He may be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the shortest laps of time as MP.

Clifford To: “Blockchain in Africa has huge potential”

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Octera Technologies, Clifford To has more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience across a wide range of roles in the areas of accounting and taxation, banking and finance and investment, marketing and accounting product design. After OCTERA CIBBS, blockchain solution created by Octera, Clifford To will soon launch the Octera Academy, which is specialized in training to support businesses and institutions to embrace blockchain. 

Smart devices

How screen time affects children

According to recent statistics obtained, our children, as from the age of five, are more exposed to technological devices. Do these innovations help in the development of children or are they more detrimental to health and academic performance? Different experts share their viewpoints.


Taking the pain out of payments

In the 2016/17 Budget Speech, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister announced that the Bank of Mauritius will soon come up with a National Payment Switch. The objective was to reduce transaction costs and give a boost to e-commerce. Three years later, the Mauritius Central Automated Switch was launched on Wednesday 14th August 2019.

Health issues affecting infants

Essential for parents to protect babies

Various health issues may arise in newborns as well as infants. To avoid these, proper health care and precautions are not only required but essential. Dr. Vickramsingh Jutton, Consultant, Paediatrician & Neonatologist at Wellkin Hospital, helps to elucidate the most common health issues affecting infants, what to avoid and advice that parents should follow. 

Sanae Kurmally Chafi

Proficient at making Moroccan dishes and delights

Sanae Kurmally Chafi, 37, is a Moroccan who married a Mauritian, Amanoullah Kurmally, and the couple settled down in the village of Triolet since four and half years now. Currently selling Moroccan delights on the internet, she has built a loyal customer base among our citizens. Her next project is to open a pastry shop to enable all Mauritians to taste Moroccan delicacies.

Young Professionals

Transforming education for a bright future

On 12th August, the International Youth Day was celebrated under the theme “Transforming Education,” aiming to make education more inclusive and accessible for our youth, including efforts by the young themselves. Our young professionals elaborate on how we can transform our education system in Mauritius.




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