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Voici la Une de News on Sunday de ce Vendredi 13 décembre 2019

PSAC Results 2019

Pass rate drops by 1.33%

The results of the Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC), implemented since three years now, were out on Thursday 12th December in primary schools around the island. The pass rate, however, for this year has declined by 1.33% compared to 2018.

Rashid Hossen: “We will scrutinize before any attempt towards redundancy”

Rashid Hossen is the first president of the Redundancy Board. This institution has been operational since a month now. According to him, the setting up of this new institution will ensure more transparency in cases of restructuring and closure of companies.

End of Year holidays

The travel mania is on

December has become the exciting period for the travel industry. With the passing of time, travel trends have incurred major changes, which have shaped the way Mauritians opt for vacation. Gone are the days of a simple vacation in a single country. Now, the trend is group packages and visiting two or more countries in a single vacation.  

International rankings

Is Mauritius on track?

Mauritius has significantly improved its performance in the World Bank’s latest Doing Business 2020 Survey, moving from the 20th to the 13th position. The country also enjoys a prominent position in various other international rankings and remains unchallenged in Africa. But we have also dropped a few places in some surveys.

Vivek Bheeroo

Young coastal engineer launches awareness on exploitation of oceans

Vivek Bheeroo just returned to his motherland a few weeks ago, after completing his graduation in Coastal & Ocean Engineering from Oregon State University, USA. He is currently preparing for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which is the first step towards licensure in the USA and he is looking forward to joining an established Coastal Engineering firm to put into practice the academic knowledge acquired.  

Yal Sunassee becomes First Master of Feng Shui in Mauritius

She has become the first Master of Feng Shui in the island. Vijayal Sunassee received her Master accreditation from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) last November.  On the same occasion, Mauritius was also granted the Certificate of Acceptance for IFSA Chapter.

Mountain climbing

Our hikers conquering the peaks with fervor

Life is like climbing a mountain, says an age-old motto. Indeed, according to our young hikers here, going up the mountain, while looking forbidding, can be taken to task. It is also beneficial for health, physically as well as spiritually while simultaneously producing a sense of satisfaction and pleasure. In the context of International Mountain Day celebrated on 11th December, we met several hikers to discover this passion of theirs.




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