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Special supplement - Tertiary Education

Leading students towards their educational pathway

After completion of secondary school, the most difficult step is to choose a career pathway. With the HSC results being proclaimed this Friday, parents and students will have a tough time deciding what’s next. With so many courses and universities, locally and internationally, making the right decision is like being in a quandary. Nowadays, higher education is open to any student with a School Certificate (SC), Higher School Certificate (HSC) or other qualifications. With our special education edition, we bring to you several organisations and universities proposing different courses.

Digital currency

Beyond the hype

Digital currency is a trendy topic across the world. Mauritius is not left behind, as it is among the nations eyeing the launch of a Central Bank Digital Currency. The Bank of Mauritius is currently working on the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency and is further developing a modern technology-driven payment system. How far can digital currency revolutionise our banking and finance sector is the real question one needs to ponder upon?

Nichole Orwin: “Healthcare services need to respond accordingly to societal and medical changes”

Coordinator and Lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, Nichole Orwin lectures Mauritian students for Bachelor of Nursing (TopUp) at Polytechnics Mauritius. Present in Mauritius last week, the latter, who has more than 30 years of experience in the field, shared in an interview how the nursing job has evolved over the years, how it encompasses various challenges and how education is vital.


Authorities maintain strict vigilance

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has been declared as a global health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to latest information from the National Health Commission China, 563 people have died from the virus and 28,018 are confirmed infected cases globally. However 1,153 people have also been cured from the virus.

Big blow to tourism

With its 1.3 billion inhabitants, China is the country that provides the largest number of tourists to the whole world: While only 10% of Chinese have a passport, more than 150 million Chinese have travelled abroad in 2018. But the coronavirus will definitely change the trend this year. What will be the impact on our tourism sector?

Fashion Industry

Young designers taking Mauritius to new heights

Although the fashion industry is relatively new in Mauritius, many young Mauritians are now willing to pursue a career path in this field. A few designers, namely Akhil Tooree, Cedric Vincent, Deena Appadoo and Anabelle Fleuri share their experiences as fashion designers as well as the challenges they have to face, which could possibly be a hindrance to the development of this industry in Mauritius.

Anu Jugessur

Lady entrepreneur taking up challenges for success

Endowed with compassion, Anu Jugessur, the director of Chic Lady Hair and Nail Lounge, is a successful lady in the beauty and wellness sector. She possesses a positive attitude needed to drive an idea from conception to realization. Her attitude has allowed her to emerge and make a difference in the lives of people.




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