News on Sunday

Torrential rain : horrendous experiences of flooded places

The heavy rainfall, as from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, caused serious flooding at Cottage and Fond Du Sac. 150 houses were affected by floods in Cottage and 50 others in Fond du Sac. Many families in these two regions claim to have lost everything during this terrible weather. Appliances, among others, were damaged by sudden rising water.

The firefighters made around fifty interventions in the night until the wee hours of the morning. In addition, they participated in five rescue operations. Two children were rescued at Accacia Street, Terre Rouge, after being trapped by sudden rising water. A 54-year-old woman was also saved from the waters in Triolet. Members of the Special Mobile Force (SMF), the Special Supporting Unit (SSU), as well as those of the National Coast Guard (NCG), not to mention firefighters who were constantly present on the field so that the situation might return to normal. 

RadioPlusRadio Plus shows its solidarity 

After the recent heavy rains, Radio Plus has decided to help these people in distress. The Radio Station made an appeal to the generosity of Mauritians by organizing a special program, this on Thursday from 07:00 to 13:00, at the Social Center of Fond du Sac. The Radio Station made an appeal to NGOs and the population for their donations to help these families. 

In addition, Radio Plus and the Scouts of St Jean will be in Fond du Sac this Saturday for the cleaning of places devastated by the awful weather. Venen Coolen from Radio Plus asks the Mauritian compatriots to join them, as from 7:00 am to give a helping hand to the inhabitants. 

Ashit Gungah : “The work for the construction of drains begins in three months”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ashit Gungah gave the assurance that the work for the construction of drains in Fond du Sac will begin in three months after his visit to this locality. Ashit Gungah had to face the wrath of some people during his visit to Fond du Sac, but he said he understands the anger of some people. The minister also explained the delay in the construction of drains in this locality. “The rain is out of our control, but I admit that we have fallen behind in the construction of drains. Some residents of the region did not want to give up their land as part of the work and in this case, the Government had to carry out an acquisition. A call for tenders will be launched in one month.” 

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