Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 11 : optimism on all sides 

Along with the warm weather, you could see a happy and calm atmosphere in the 21 villages. The agents could be seen relaxing and having a good time. They looked confident for a win tomorrow. In the morning, the number of voters were very slow but around 15:00 pm, long lines were noticed in the different voting centres. No major incidents were reported in this Constituency. 

36 candidates are running for the polls. Sheila Bunwaree, MMM candidate, declared that it has been a very good campaign with no money politics. “We promoted a politics of humility and truth. We are waiting for a grand victory.” The other MMM candidates are Dave Kissondoyal and Nitin Jeeha. On the side of L’Alliance Nationale, Rajesh Jeetah is also very much confident. “The outgoing government will be sanctioned. I have by my side two young running mates who did a brilliant job. We are very positive.” His two other running mates are Mila Ramlochun-Bunwaree and Ashley Ramdass. As for the L’Alliance Morisien, the candidates are Mahen Seeruttun, Naveena Ramyad and Teenah Jutton. It should to be noted that since 1987, it will be the first time that Arvin Boolell is not present in this constituency. 

Number of electors : 43 824
Voters Turnout : 35 632
Percentage of abstention : 18.7%

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