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[Blog] Our school Uniform: Our Pride!

How can we not be proud of our school uniform?
Wearing it as an ambassador of education,
Respecting the unique badge and logo,
Keeping it neat and tidy,
A responsibility for at least 7 years!


Our school uniform – an emblem of unity
Binding classmates together since day one,
Creating a sense of belonging to the school,
Strengthening the bonds year after year,
Building lifelong friendships and memories!

Our school uniform – an emblem of hope
Acquiring new knowledge and skills each year,
Sailing through the inevitable disappointments,
Trusting our mentors and the learning process,
Believing that our future is being carved!

Our school uniform – an emblem of loyalty
Protecting its past and current pride and honor,
Shielding it from unwanted tags and labels,
Promising to stay humble and empathetic,
Cherishing this legacy as dutiful young soldiers!

Angkush Poonye

Ex-student of John Kennedy College 




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