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Voici la Une de News on Sunday de ce Vendredi 20 septembre 2019

Misuse of Public Funds

A call for reforms and actions

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report was rendered public on Tuesday. The report has reviewed the management of different ministries. Unfortunately, similar to previous years, several anomalies and wastage of money have been deplored. The main question that arises is whether having a PAC is a waste of resources or time when sanctions are not taken. Experts are asking for a restructuring in the system.

Children’s Bill

Split opinions over criminal responsibility and marriage

The first reading of the Children’s Bill took place on Tuesday 17th September in parliament. The major aim of the Bill is to repeal the Child Protection Act and replace it with as more suitable and up-to-date legislative framework. However, many advocates for children and stakeholders are against the age of criminal responsibility, which has been fixed at 12 and the legal age of marriage at 16, with parents’ consent.  

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov: “We are the first generation to parent in the digital age”

We are getting involved in a new era of digital parenting, where parents are confronting some new challenges that never existed earlier. Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, an Independent Expert on Digital Parenting and Children’s Rights and Internet for the Council of Europe, elaborates on the issues prevailing in this technology-driven era and how parents should remain alert. Dr Elizabeth Milovidov was in Mauritius and Seychelles for a series of workshops on child online protection and digital citizenship sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Africa Regional Services division and the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis.

Georgette: From Roches Noires to New Zealand

A Mauritian stray dog who travelled the world

Angels often come in the shape of ‘dogs’. The deeper meaning of this statement would not reach those who never had a dog. I am one of those. The same goes for Arpita, the human mother of a lovely dog named Georgette, who one day suddenly came into Arpita’s life in the village of Roches Noires in the north of Mauritius and she never left.

Metro Express and public transport

Competition or complement?

The Metro Express will be officially launched on 30th September 2019 but the traveling public will be able to experience it fully as from 1st November, and this, for free, during a one-month period. However, this news is not making everyone happy. Public transport workers and taxi drivers still fear that their jobs will be threatened, though government has reassured there will be no redundancy.

Finale of Miss Universe Mauritius

Ornella Laflèche crowned beauty queen

The name of the Miss Universe Mauritius winner was revealed on 17th September during a glamourous evening organised by Estrella Mauritius at the Caudan Arts Centre in collaboration with Le Défi Life, Le Défi Media Group, Le Défi Training School and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. Ornella Laflèche will represent Mauritius on the 68th edition of Miss Universe.




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