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Urvashi Hureeram becomes Miss Supranational Mauritius

Urvashi Hureeram, Miss Péreybère, was elected as Miss Supranational Mauritius 2019 during the grand finale of the Miss Universe Mauritius contest. Corporate and Trust Administrator in an offshore company, Urvashi stated that it was her fourth participation in a beauty pageant competition. “I like to take part in these competitions because of the exciting atmosphere, I like adventures as well as living up to challenges. This is why I decided to participate in the Miss Universe Mauritius, not with the aim to win the crown but to empower myself more. I must say that I am more than ecstatic to have participated because it has brought big changes in my life. I have come out of this competition a different person,” he states. 

Miss Mauritius

She is now looking forward to the international competition taking place in December. “I have only two months to prepare. My aim is to represent the beauty of our island and also of its women who are fighters and achievers. I feel more pressure than usual on my shoulders, as the two previous Miss Supranational Mauritius won the title of Miss Supranational Africa. So, I will have to work extremely hard in order to get the same title or achieve even more.” 

The Muay Thai and kickboxing adherent shares that she encourages all Mauritian women to do these kinds of sports. “It will boost your self-confidence and promote self-defense in our community. I want to tell all women that nothing is impossible and that yes, we can achieve great things,” says Urvashi, who aims to become a strong role model for the youth. 


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