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Siddick Elaheebocus : IT Professional sees digital transformation as New World Order  

Siddick Elaheebocus : IT Professional sees digital transformation as New World Order

Backed by 17 years of international experience in the IT and training fields and having been among the elite references in IT within the Indian Ocean and African region, Siddick Elaheebocus is currently the Director and Technology Strategist for an industry 4.0 services-oriented company based in French Polynesia (Tahiti). New on Sunday met this professional, who offers his perspectives on the IT landscape.

Siddick Elaheebocus, 37, born in a middle-class family, grew up in the peaceful village of Midlands and recently moved to live in his own house located in a suburb of Curepipe. Being a wanderlust and multilingual, he travels around the world to learn about new cultures and to bring his knowledge to the service of others. His role is geared towards assisting Microsoft partners and organizations in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Mauritius and Africa to achieve their digital transformation strategies and to build their digital capabilities.


IT industry in the past, present and future

According to Siddick Elaheebocus, Information Technology has undergone a radical evolution over time. “From a very synthetic perspective, in the past humans were learning about computers, today computers are learning about humans, in the future with phenomenal progress in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, humans will learn from computers,” he explains. He adds that the IT industry has witnessed various innovations in computing, which have changed the way IT services are delivered to businesses and end users. After the mainframe era, mini-computing era, personal computer and client-server era, and the Internet, we’re now in what many call the fifth wave of corporate IT. “This fifth wave is characterized by the convergence of four technologies (social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies collectively known as SMAC), which will act as an enabler for the next generation of technological trends and that will eventually drive the Digital transformation of businesses,” he pursues. For him, going forward in the future, we have to expect disruptive reshaping of the IT landscape with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, machine Learning, blockchain, IoT, virtual reality and Quantum computing, among others.

IT professionals must seize this wave of digital transformation to transform themselves to become agents of innovation in order to stay in the race and avoid falling in a doomed and gloomed situation."

Opportunities and threats in the IT industry 

With the current revolutions happening in the world of technology today, the IT professional points out that innovative and disruptive technologies like cloud computing, big data, IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, are giving rise to an increasing number of new streams, job roles and business models that did not exist before, which represents an enormous opportunity on various forefronts. “In this wave of digital transformation, roles of existing IT professionals are going to change. Rather than reactive trouble-shooters, IT professionals are prone to become proactive decision makers in their organization,” he estimates. Furthermore, he forecasts that the conventional IT work, as we know it today, will be substituted with a wide variety of strategic and proactive tasks like improving productivity, strengthening security posture and improving business processes, among others. “IT professionals must seize this wave of digital transformation to transform themselves to become agents of innovation in order to stay in the race and avoid falling in a doomed and gloomed situation,” he says. He opines that the biggest threat to anyone evolving in the sphere of IT, today, is the inability to learn, unlearn and relearn.

About the IT professional

Siddick Elaheebocus started in the IT field as an electronic technician back in the year 2000 and climbed the professional ladder one step at a time to finally reach the position of Director and Technology Strategist, today, with a diverse international experience in the IT field. He is also an international trainer, a technology speaker and the Microsoft business spearhead for the French Pacific region. By looking at the current revolutions in the IT landscape, Siddick Elaheebocus is confident that there will be other interesting avenues to explore in the coming future and that there are still more that can be achieved. “From a personal viewpoint, I am very proud of my father, who has always guided me on how simplicity is the best policy and how life is better when you do more with less. The two great women behind my success is my mother, who passed away when I was 20-years-old, but who has left no stone unturned when it came to my education and the second is my wife, who is always by my side in every challenge I undertake,” confides Siddick Elaheebocus.

Five mantras to achieve success and choose the right career path:

  • There is no shortcut to career success. You must build your own ladder of success with the right academic qualifications, right experience and the right skillsets, all by understanding that the ladder of success must be climbed one step at a time for sustainable progress.
  • Heat and pressure make diamonds. The road to career success is paved by hard working, constant challenges, continuous learning and improvement. These are the fundamentals to stay at the edge of innovation and to stand out of the crowd.
  • Good attitude will bring you to high altitude! The level of progress in your career and in your life is greatly influenced by your attitude. Thus it’s good to develop and nurture a positive attitude.
  • It’s not about how much you learn, it’s about how smart you learn. Develop an in-depth learning in the field in which you want to develop expertise and breadth learning on all other aspects.
  • Make your passion become your profession! If you want excellence to be an inherent aspect in your professional endeavours and if you want to reap the fruit of satisfaction in every challenge you undertake, turn your passion into a profession as far as possible.

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