[Vidéo] PIO Parliamentary Conference in Delhi : Mauritius MP sings Bhojpuri folk song

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Oree Gowkaran

Oree Gowkaran, who is an MP of Indian origin from Mauritius, came up with a pleasant surprise during the parliamentary conference of first Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) in Delhi. The MP sang a melodious Bhojpuri folk song during the conversation with ANI.

“Balma sutela sukh nindiya, jagalo nahi jaage, oh raam.” These were part of lyrics of the beautiful song which Gowkaran sang. The song was written from the perspective of a pregnant woman. He also sang another folk song on Hindu Goddess Kaali. Oree Gowkaran also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the progress that India has attained.

He told ANI: “I think India has made leaps and bounds where development is concerned. Whenever, I used to visit India, all I could hear was that India would never grow. India is a dirty place; no one can improve it. But he has done it. I am very proud of him.”

The MP of Indian origin from Mauritius was so impressed with Narendra Modi’s work that he compared him to Mahatma Gandhi, and that in future, his popularity will grow further to reach that of the Mahatma.