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‘Once Upon a Digital Story’ : Le Défi Media Group hosts ABU New Media Workshop 2020


For the first time, the Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union organised a two-day media workshop in Mauritius. ‘Once Upon a Digital Story’ was the theme of the fourth edition of the ABU New Media Workshop 2020, which was held on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th February at the Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, at Balaclava, Mauritius.

Explore evolving storytelling formats and narratives in the digital media landscape and get media professionals to understand how storytelling concepts, formats, tools and platforms are redefined for the tech era. These were the main goals of the two-day ABU New Media Workshop 2020 held for the very first time in Mauritius. 

Laura Gibson.
Laura Gibson.

Hosted by Le Défi Media Group, Le Défi Training School, Radio Plus, with the collaboration of the main sponsor Huawei, the workshop welcomed fifty media professionals, including more than forty from Le Défi Media Group and the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and other participants from Albania, Japan, Thailand and the Seychelles. Two experts of the digital media field, namely Tugba Cinarli, Senior Producer of TRT, from Turkey, and Laura Gibson, Social Media Consultant, from the United Kingdom, were the main speakers at the workshop. 

“We are an organisation focused on innovation and capacity building and without a second thought, we accepted the request of the ABU, of which Le Défi Media Group is a member, to organise the workshop in Mauritius. The world of media is changing and transforming exponentially, we must have the necessary tools to better cope with change and this is done through training and knowledge sharing. It’s with this in mind that Le Défi Training School was created in order to build capacity and increase potential,” said Fouad Jaddoo, Group Coordination Manager within Le Défi Media Group.

On Day 1, Tugba Cinarli made a presentation on the Digital Productions at TRT, which is one of the biggest content creators in the world. ‘Social Media Strategy and Social Content for Broadcasters’ was the title of the presentation made by Laura Gibson. The former ITV Creative presented some of the work the ITV social team created and how they incorporated a daily live news room to react to popular culture and world events.

Tugba Cinarli.
Tugba Cinarli.

Day 2 was focused on the practical part. As a start, the Senior Producer at TRT, Tugba Cinarli, talked about the ‘Digital Production for Content Creators’ and gave participants the chance to learn about the different social media platforms and how to stay relevant in each. She also led the fun and practical exercise where participants had to create content for the world famous application TikTok. Laura Gibson also invited participants to create some of their own content, namely through the ‘Six Words Story Exercise’, during the afternoon session which focused on ‘How to Create Bespoke Social Content and Social Media Campaigns’. 

Hamdhoon Rashad, Project Manager of the New Media department at the ABU, stated that the aim of this 4th edition of the New Media Workshop was indeed for broadcasters to learn the new ways of doing stories over the internet using different platforms and formats. “Last year, the ABU New Media Workshop was held in Macao. We want to have diversity even though we are in the Asia-Pacific region and we have diversity across world. We are very happy to bring this to the African region. We are more than satisfied with how the workshop was conducted, whether it is with the preparation and with Le Défi Media Group as a great host. The participants have been very enthusiastic; they were keen to learn and asked lots of questions.” 

What is the ABU?

The Union was established in 1964 as a non-profit, non-governmental, non- political, professional association with mandate to assist the development of broadcasting in the region. ABU promotes the collective interests of television and radio broadcasters as well as key industry players and facilitate regional and international media co-operation.

ABU is a member of the World Broadcasters’ Union and works closely with the other regional broadcasting unions on matters of common concern such as reserving frequencies for broadcasters, harmonisation of operating and technical broadcasting standards and systems and finalising the Broadcasting Treaty.

Currently, the ABU has over 270 members in over 70 countries (including Mauritius) on four continents. The ABU runs a wide range of services, including the daily Asiavision TV news exchange, several co-productions, program exchanges and technical, programming, legal and management consultancies, as well as industry and international conferences and an international frequency planning and coordination. The Union negotiates rights for major sports events and organises their coverage for the region. It also runs the prestigious annual ABU Prizes, TV Song and Radio Song Festivals. Keeping everyone abreast of what we do is the ABU website and the quarterly publications- ABU News and ABU Technical Review.

About the speakers

Tugba Cinarli, Senior Producer of TRT (Turkey)

She is responsible for the Younger Audience Strategy of TRT’s Digital Department. She focuses on YouTube-native productions as well as other emerging digital video platforms. Tugba lectures on digital productions at various universities in Turkey. Her goal is to inspire young people to become content creators. 

Laura Gibson, Social Media Consultant (UK)

Laura helps digital agencies work with clients to create successful and award-winning campaigns. She previously led the multi-award winning social team within ITV Creative, where she was responsible for all creative output from ITV’s multiple social channels. She has talked externally at a number of industry events and is an active speaker at Universities to help young people get into creative industries. 


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