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Corporate Gifts : unavoidable in December


When speaking about the end of the year, we also bring in gifts. Exchanged among family and friends, gifts are a like a bonus during this time of the year. This tradition is also present in most offices, enterprises and companies where employees are rewarded for their year-long contribution with corporate gifts. News on Sunday has a look at the latest trends and best selling corporate gifts of 2017.


Key chains, diaries, notebooks, pen holders…. We have definitely shifted from the same monotonous corporate gifts to more interesting and fashionables ones during the last years. Today, corporate gifts are all about good quality, practicality and uniqueness. Among the most gifted ones, today, are USB flash drives, mobile wallet, power banks but also mason jars, up cycle bags, jewels, cufflinks, etc.

News on Sunday gives you an insight into the latest trends and best selling corporate gifts of 2017. For those who haven’t found the best item yet, it is high time to letting your employees know that you appreciate their hard work.


You want to gift your employee with something that is very useful? The online shop Gift It offers a range of everyday practical items such as bottles, mason jars and mugs. Gift It explains that their trendiest item this end of year is the mason jar. “There’s a real craze for mason jars and it is used for multiple purposes. Plus it is an item that you are sure you will use for quite a long time,” explains Chloe.

On the other hand, APC ADVERTISING proposes a wide selection of products such as stylish pens, USB flash drives, mobile wallet, beach umbrellas, LED light key chains and others. With its online catalogue, the online store allows you to have an insight into the array of practical corporate gifts starting from clothing, desk and office, electronic and tech to personal care. Anwar Mungly, director of APC ADVERTISITNG, explains that the trendy corporate gift for 2017 is the USB flash drives. “As we are constantly connected to this high-tech world, the USB flash drives are sure to be a very useful item for your employee, especially for work itself,” he says.


Recycled and up cycled items are also famous this year. In addition of being a way to raise environmental awareness among your staff members, the recycled and up cycled items are also very useful. 1950studio is proposing only up cycled giveaways this year, following the successful launching of SAKILI earlier this year. 1950studio created a catalogue for a selection of unique giveaways made with up cycled billboards.

Regarding the 2017 trends, the director Nazeem Junggee explains that pens and key rings are still very common. However, in the bid to promote the concept of up cycling and recycling, 1950studio says that it does not want to encourage clients to use plastic pens considering the impact of plastic in our overflowing landfills. 1950studio says that the trend for this year are the gym bags (duffle bags) and laptop bags.

“These up cycled bags are not only because they are affordable in terms of price but also because they are stylish and very functional for everyday life,” declares Nazeem Junggee.


If you want to offer your employees something that they will always treasure and hold close to their hearts, why not offer them a piece of jewel, which is sure to leave an ever lasting impact. Ravior jewellery shop, which is in the creative jewellery sector, offers to clients personalised Corporate gifts.

Ravi Jetshan, Creative Director of Ravior, explains that the 2017 trendy item is the HOPE jewel. “The HOPE necklace, bracelet or key holder is really special in the sense that it is not only a symbol of reward for employees, but it is also designed to raise awareness for those who live in difficult conditions and it raises HOPE that tomorrow will be a brighter day. In addition, this jewel also aims at raising funds for NGOs like Tipa, as 10% of the sales are for donation purposes.

This encourages interactive pedagogy through arts. People will not only carry it with them but also in their hearts.”


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