Blood Donors Association : an urgent call for blood donation

Par News on Sunday O commentaire
blood donors association

The President of the Association, Dewanand Hossen, is very worried about the level of blood stock at the Blood  Bank and makes an urgent appeal to blood donors to call at the blood bank, any hospital or wherever the donor sees a caravan to make a blood donation.

According to him, there is an an acute shortage of blood at the National Blood Transfusion Service, the reason being that it has not been possible to organize blood donations during the past week due to bad weather conditions.

“The situation is quite serious. A blood donation is being organised at the Bambous social welfare centre on Sunday 14th January from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm. We are making an urgent appeal to potential donors to be present and to donate their blood during this critical period,” Dewanand told News on Sunday.

Hossen told News on Sunday that “whatever the climate on Sunday, the event will take place at the social welfare centre of Bambous, as the blood donation will take place in the interior of the centre and in a secluded place.”

He informs all those who wish to donate their blood that the event is not reserved exclusively for the inhabitants of Bambous, it is also open to the general public or even those who are on their way to the public beach and just passing through the region.