[Blog]  "Public officers working behind the curtains are risking their health"

To the authorities,

1. We would like to bring to your attention that at present there are lots of public departments which are providing their services in the background icw covid-19. These public officers working behind the curtains are risking their health everyday without being recognised. PPEs, insurance covers and travel permits have also not been provided to a lot of them. This dire situation makes the battle even more inequitable as only the front-liners are being acclaimed; which is fully laudable indeed.
2. As such, the Energy Services Division (ESD) under the aegis of the Ministry of National Infrastructure & CD with the support of its 12 outstations is ensuring the electrical supply to all Govt bldgs. including Parliament, Treasury bldg (PMO), New Govt Centre, Emmanuel Anquetil  Bldg. (EAB), all Hospitals, mediclinics, CHCs, AHCs, dispensaries, police stations, prisons fire stations, , etc.

3. Hundreds of officers (Engineers, Technicians, Electricians, Plant mechanics etc) are ensuring that all equipment among others listed below are being operated in a 24/7 basis.
a)       Electrical Installations and associated auxiliaries and ancillaries
b)       Lighting and accessories (including scialytic lighting for operating theatres)
c)       Generators
d)       Lifts and Elevators
e)       Water Pumps 
f)        Ventilation and Air Conditioners including Central Chillers
g)       Fire Alarm Systems
h)       Extractor Fans and Air Curtains
i)        Capacitor Banks
j)        UPS and Voltage Stabilisers
k)       Autoclaves and Sterilisers
l)        Cold rooms and Mortuary rooms
m)      All types of Motors (DC, AC: single, double, three phase)
4. It has to be pointed out that several additional electrical installations/services are being requested e.g new wards, re-conversions, new centres, hotels etc. by Ministry of Health for quarantine or isolation purposes. Also, our Division is presently facing a lack of PPEs, insurance covers and is short of staff since long. 

5. We are writing to inform you that all these public officers from several depatments feel forgotten (and even neglected) in the battle against covid-19. They are however bound by the call of duty during this virulent pandemic.
Rajjeev Sembhoo
Secretary, Electrical Engineering Branch, GSEA


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