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[Blog] Lockdown : some suggestions

I am hereby making some suggestions to help the country.  We have 15000 Police Officers, the Military, Riots and SSU these officers men and women should patrol to oblige people to respect the confinement,  a more severe fine for the first derogation.
Concerning supermarkets customers should submit their list with name and contact number then the employees prepare box of their basic commodities after a certain time they can go, pay and pick without going inside the supermarkets and shops.
Any persons having the possibilities to fabricate mask to donate voluntarily.
I live on a main road everyday people are driving and walking, the confinement is not being respected.
The restaurants and Pizzeria should be allowed to do home delivery only, of course wearing protective equipment.
Concerning financial help from the government we should not forget that many companies and private business have made millions of profits and declared dividends and some should have saved for the rainy days, Government should give loan facilities to help them and hope it wont be same like in the past (stimulus package).
Authorities should be very transparent , concerning the Covid_19  so that people be conscious of the nightmare we are going to live as scientific experts from Germany and France have stated this is the initial stage.
Am sure that you have received many suggestions from other people.  Let patriotism, solidarity and generosity prevail during this very dangerous moments.
A citizen


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