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[Blog] Force Majeure - People first, bangsters last

Dev Sunnasy

Honourable Minister [Renganaden Padayachy],

On behalf of the informal sector, we thank you and really appreciate your measures communicated yesterday, though minimal, people will have a breathing space.

You are the commander in chief of tax payers money, the CEO of public funds, le grand argentier. 

Measures to be taken now are to be considered for immediate reliefs together with short-medium term consequences and these measures should focus on people first, the many, the 99%.

As proposed in my previous letter, declaring a state of ‘Force Majeure’ will save the many for a quicker recovery after this nightmare episode we’re living.

You will see in this post from Bruno Lemaire (votre homologue en France), how can our proposal benefit the majority of Mauritian citizens.

SMEs, the formal ones, their employees, their future are now in your hands.

As a socialist economist, I am confident you will take the right decisions, to leave something good for our country’s future. 

Be above undue influences.

Bon courage,


For reference:

Bruno Lemaire, ministre de l'économie et des finances (France).
Le coronavirus est reconnu par l’État et les collectivités locales comme un cas de force majeure pour leurs marchés publics. Cela veut dire que pour tous les marchés publics d’État et des collectivités locales, les pénalités de retards ne seront pas appliquées.


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