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[Blog] Covid-19 : The wake-up call?

In the midst of the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 and complete lock-down of many countries in the world, this makes us realize how vulnerable we are as human beings despite great advancements in medical technology over the past century.

In the pursuit of material desires and of our daily life goals, we often forget the value of freedom, food, family, nature and everything we have been gifted by God. If we do not take care of this world, we are surely set to self-destruction. 

The corona virus is only a trailer of how God reacts when his creations transgress the path of righteousness.

A virus, invisible to the naked eye, has shut down the world, placed the majority of humanity in confinement and unanticipatedly made all priorities in this world irrelevant.

In the blink of an eye, we have been deprived of our freedom and access to basic needs is a challenge. All the money in this world has suddenly lost its value - We are now basically fighting for our survival and the era to fight for one's basic needs has surfaced again. Every individual being has a fundamental role to play to eradicate this pandemic.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" Bad actions aggregated over time has a snowballing effect and results in catastrophic global phenomena. Similarly, the cumulative effect of good actions is the only way to fight this disease. Take this moment to contemplate on our past actions - individually and collectively. There are many actions that need a profound analysis and reflection - food wastage, pollution, massive urbanization, deforestation, destruction of the flora and fauna and no need to mention misuse and abuse of genetic engineering. Do not let us be driven by greed, lust, pride and arrogance. Man might have already transformed the world to an extent that will have irreversible repercussions and may take even greater apocalyptic proportions in the near future.

May God help us eradicate this pandemic and wake us up soon from this sleep and make us realize that it was only a bad dream - And it might be Covid-19 is the last wake up call for humanity... ~ Rajiv Seeras Author of “Last words of the Magnate"

P.S - My book "Last words of the Magnate" is now in the public domain and freely available. Please get a copy from my LinkedIN profile.

Rajiv Seeras


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