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[Blog] Covid-19 : three ways to fight it


Dear Hon. Prime Minister,
No cure is yet available for this virus. There are only three ways to fight it.
1.     Mass Testing
2.     Complete Lockdown
3.     Contact Tracing
At this point of time Mauritius is not ready for the mass testing due to insufficient testing kits although it is the best one to corner this pandemic.
Let’s face it. We are bound to concentrate only on the complete lockdown and contact tracing, there is no other way out.
However, despite all the restrictions imposed by the government, the virus is spreading rapidly. Dr Gujadhur announced the virus is all over Mauritius now, it is no more in some specific regions only. The confinement is not being respected, social media is full of videos and photos.
A strategic work plan to be prepared to ensure the success of the only two options we actually have to corner this pandemic otherwise CHAOS.
1.      Tackle It Not Like a Virus, but like a RIOT
(i)                Nobody moves from one region to another except those in essential services.

(ii)              Close the maximum routes possible. Only limited number of routes people are allowed to take.

(iii)           Implement a check post system at the entrance and exit of each region controlled by the Police.

(iv)            Each and every person/vehicle to be stopped and the following documents to be produced: Identification, Proof of Residential address, Telephone number, Purpose of Going out.

(v)              These information to be noted down in a prepared format.

(vi)             On way back, the person to provide a note or proof from the place he/she visited to be crossed checked by the police at the check post.

(vii)          Triple the police patrol everywhere in Mauritius.

(viii)       The easiest and fastest way to implement this, divide the regions as per the police stations falling under it.
2.      Contact Tracing:
(i)                Compile all the data being taken by the police check post.

(ii)              This will render contact tracing easier and faster as the movement of each and everyone moving from one place to another is being complied on a day to day basis.

(iii)           A person who has contracted the COVID-19 may have visited several places before being tested, thus spreading it unconsciously, therefore his/her movements record during the incubation period will be available. Using these data, we can identify all other possible suspect cases who have been in the area of the infected one has been during the incubation period. This is a method of rendering the contact tracing much efficiently.
3.      Access to Supermarkets

The main issue is, people are afraid of not getting their basic commodities. Today after the opening of the supermarkets, we’ve seen what happened. 100,000 people were exposed to the virus around Mauritius.
(i)                Let all the supermarkets operate on a 24hr basis under the confinement period. This will limit the rush towards supermarkets.

(ii)              Accessibility and control to be implemented region-wise has already been listed above.

(iii)           People to visit only specific supermarkets, the nearest to them according to their address. To be controlled by the Police Check Post (Residential Address Proof as mentioned above).

Today after the opening of the supermarkets, the news reported one staff of Winner’s working at the Pereybere outlet has been tested positive. With the control measures listed above, a list of all the persons who have visited the supermarket today would have been available.
The measures listed above are extremely important for our country to corner this issue. We do not have any other option at hand.
It is already a possibility for Mauritius to be in situation like Italy, Spain or America and we are not prepared in terms of medical equipments at all if we face such situation.
Strict measures only will make this confinement a success.
Ashwin Rampersad

A Citizen.


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