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Construction sector

A slowdown after robust pickup?

The latest quarterly bulletin from Statistics Mauritius predicts a lower growth rate than last year for the construction sector. Private sector investment is expected to decline. It is public investment that is driving the construction industry. The sector has also faced the adverse impact of bad weather since January. Is it the end of the construction boom?

Lulu Raghavan: “Social media is a double-edged sword”

The Managing Director of Landor, Lulu Raghavan, is currently in Mauritius for the Brand Summit. In this interview, the renowned industry commentator and thought leader talks about branding and challenges small businesses face in branding their product. She provides some advice for businesses on how to brand their products as well. 

Immigration (Amendment) Bill

Full swing crusade against fake marriage

The Immigration (Amendment) Bill was voted in the National Assembly on Tuesday. While the amendments have been applauded by many stakeholders, there are certain experts who are concerned that this might results in abuse. The implications of this amendment is multi-fold. Different experts shed lights on the repercussions.  

English Language Day

Bringing back interest in teaching and learning

The English Language Day will be celebrated this 23rd April. Spoken in the four corners of the world, English is often referred to as the ‘global language’ or the modern ‘lingua franca’. English is the official language of our country, but ironically, it is treated as an outsider. As expounded by experts contacted by News on Sunday, we have to find new strategies to bring back interest in the study of English language. 

Kidney Health

Keeping this precious organ in good shape

A common problem affecting many, kidney disease and kidney stones are major public health concerns around the world. In line with the World Kidney Day celebrated during the month of March, News on Sunday spoke to two doctors who shared how these health issues are affecting Mauritians, how to prevent them and the treatments available in the island.

Faryal Poonah: “Mauritians have a greater advantage for Canada and U.S.A immigration”

Immigration Lawyer, Faryal Poonah is currently in Mauritius for a seminar on U.S. and Canadian immigration. The expert in immigration helps business owners and individuals to start a new life in these two countries. She provides an insight about the opportunities, challenges and immigration process in the U.S. and Canada.

news on sunday


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