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Earth Day 2018

A Plastic Free Island: Achievable or not?

On the 22nd of April, it is Earth Day. This year’s theme is “Ending Plastic Pollution.” From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human health, the rapid growth of plastic has become life threatening to all species around the world. Mauritius, our small Paradise is not spared either. Mauritius has banned the use of plastic bags but still other plastic materials are in circulation every day. Can we become a plastic free island?


Domestic violence

Sociological profile of a perpetrator

What types of persons perpetrate domestic violence? What are the factors in an individual’s life that lead to the perpetration of domestic violence? The “Sociological Profiling of Perpetrators of Domestic Violence” in Mauritius study, commissioned by the Parliamentary Gender Caucus, provides a sociological analysis of the characteristics of perpetrators who use violence in their intimate partner relationships. 


The economy at a glance

The economic and social landscape is fast changing in Mauritius. This year sees a huge boost in major infrastructural projects, starting with the Metro Express, the new link road between Chebel and Coromandel, the Phoenix interchange and the third lane from Mer Rouge to Terre Rouge. But is the economy on the right track?

Alam Kasenally:“Entrepreneurship is like a dream of finding uncharted territory”

Co-founder of Red Dot, an Innovation Consulting company, Coach and Director of Turbine, a startup Incubator and Accelerator, Alam Kasenally studied Economics in the UK, and started work as a Programmer at Oracle. The former student of Royal College Curepipe moved to Silicon Valley, where he was involved in the leadership of several large and also startup companies before becoming an entrepreneur in 2007.


In Conversation with… Mademoiselle Nomad

I love coming across inspiring people living conscious, mindful lives, which is why upon crossing paths with Béa Chan, who runs the slow-travel and slow-living blog ‘Mademoiselle Nomad’, I knew I had to meet her for an interview. After quickly establishing a friendship in the digital world just over six months ago, we finally grabbed the opportunity to meet up in person to talk about her life, her work and her vision – and I found it to be such an insightful experience.

Meet the Expats

Christopher and Caroline Holbrook:Choosing island life over city life

Since ten months now, Christopher and Caroline Holbrook have been enjoying the sea, sun and sand of Mauritius. A charming British couple, all the way from Manchester, landed in Mauritius in search for peace and harmony. They chose to reject both city life and desert life for a paradise island. Let’s get a sneak peek into the life of these expats.


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