Tribute to an Angel : Sarah Khoreisha Gheesa, also known as Benazir

Sarah Khoreisha


  • Cute, pretty, young, beautiful and angel-like, fascinating - Sarah Khoreisha.
  • From thy deathbed- Thou art calling for us.
  • In the sweet profundity of this earth, may thou slumber and Rest in Peace.
  • Eternally, permanently and perennially.
  • Oh! Naïve and innocent, girl, lovely and mischievous.
  • You were most simply an innocent being, still,
  • A very small (baby), for thy family entirely -
  • A God-Given Gift.

And now, your dwelling place is with the “Almighty”.

  • With your most burning, beautiful, budding, blossoming,
  • And blooming smile, you were lightening your home and
  • The entire village of D’Épinay, each and every day.
  • Your smile puerile and laughter genuine have been,
  • The most melodious of all musical sounds.
  • But why such an awful, odious, atrocious and heinous, act of Bestiality, barbarity and brutality.
  • Towards thee ? I do pause for a ply/reply!
  • At all costs, thou did not deserve such type of, Inhuman treatment.

A very sacred and scared human being.

  • Was belittled, battered and beaten to Death.
  • With all the wounds and blows directed towards thee,
  • Your scale of intense and acute sufferings.
  • Have no boundaries!
  • Suffering to such huge extent of pain,
  • As if thou have not been willing to die.
  • And breathed thou last!
  • Thou art a very rare pearl.
  • Thou art performing thy duty with considerable love,
  • And affection very profound.
  • As head of Department of French Language.
  • At College of DAV (Morcellement Saint-André).
  • Let’s pay our huge homage to thee.
  • Oh! Sweet, calm, confiding and Sarah pretty!
  • You have left us and forever departed!
  • In the very flower of your blooming, budding,
  • Blossoming and most beautiful tender,
  • Age and page of childhood, without ever
  • Eventually reaching the very age of girlhood/womanhood.
  • Wherever and in whatever place thou may be,
  • Virtually, perennially and permanently, thou you’ll,
  • Always reside in our hearts of hearts, and will,
  • Always be engrossed in our cool, calm, and thoughts.
  • Quite sweet and deeply serene, where in
  • You, our heart, mind and soul thou will always be enshrined.
  • Yesterday, now and tomorrow, forever and, forever.
  • Farewell and Good-Bye.

Moral from the tragic demise of Sarah.

  • Is your own life in order?
  • Is your state of mind under control?
  • Is your every action-based in Awareness?
  • Question yourself! - Not others!
  • Remember and Retain that-
  • In life, it takes years for a tree to grow.
  • Similarly, in relationships, it takes years,
  • To construct and build TRUTH and TRUST!
  • And, only one/two minutes to demolish it!

(A “someone- like you”, who clandestinely love to
Appreciate and observe thy - doings and actions).


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