News on Sunday

Sambon couple interrogated by police

The owners of Lolo hunting park, Yusuf Sambon and his wife Saumeelee, were questioned by the CCID following the discovery of firearms, ammunitions and drugs at the park. They denied being aware of happenings there. During a search of their residence at Morcellement Saint-André, the police seized three shotguns and sixty ammunitions. Yusuf Nadeem Sambon, who holds a weapons licence, told investigators the hunting grounds are managed by his employees. The weapons seized at his place will be examined at the Forensic Science Laboratory. After their interrogation, the couple were allowed to return home. Following intelligence reports, the police went to Lolo hunting park on Tuesday morning. After a thorough search, they found two guns: a sawed-off shotgun calibre 16 mm and a homemade gun. An undeclared rifle was found hidden under leaves. Fifty ammunitions were also seized. The Helicopter Squadron was called in and police discovered marijuana seeds, with a street value of Rs 300,000. Two employees of the park, Renaldo Barassiah and Ally Oozeer Tanveer, were arrested on Tuesday evening. They appeared in court on Wednesday and two provisional charges of unlawful possession of firearms and drug dealing were held against them. They are still in police custody. Both denied being aware of the presence of weapons and drugs.

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