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Overseas missions Frequent fliers burn through Rs 31 million since July 2016

According to a document deposited at the National Assembly by the Minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth, mentions the movements made by the ministers since July 2016. Consequently, it can be seen that the Minister of Health Anil Gayan travelled the most. Rs 31.8 million were spent in five months by the government to finance these missions. Hereunder a list of the most frequent fliers.

Minister of Health Anil Gayan


  • 30th September till 3rd October: India
  • 11th October till 12th October: Monaco (France)
  • 25th to 26th October: India
  • 28th October: India
  • 7th till 11th November: Switzerland
  • 14th November: Reunion
  • 26th November: Madagascar 

Vishnu LutchmeenaraidooMinister of Foreign Affairs, Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo


  • 10th October to 19th October: Madagascar
  • 25th October to 27th October: Indonesia
  • 15th July to 22nd July: Kenya
  • 22nd August to 24th August: Singapore
  • 26th September to 29th September: Madagascar
  • 9th October to 12th October: Reunion

Pravind JugnauthPravind Jugnauth (Minister of Finance)


  • 19th November to 20th November: Italy
  • 12th to 18th September: India
  • 24th to 26th October: Brussels
  • 30th October to 4th November: Beijing 

Sir Anerood Jugnauth Sir Anerood Jugnauth (Prime Minister)


  • 27th -28th August: Nairobi 
  • 20th to 29th September: New York
  • 9th to 21st November: India
  • 26th and 27th November: Madagascar

Xavier-Luc Duval Xavier-Luc Duval (Deputy PM and Minister of Tourism)


  • 4th to 9th November: London
  • 31st July to 2nd August: Reunion 
  • 25th to 29th November: Senegal and London
  • 17th to 20th November: Italy

Ravi YerrigadooRavi Yerrigadoo (Attorney General)


  • 10th to 16th July: Botswana
  • 17th to 21 September: Venezuela and Paris
  • 3rd to 7th October: London
  • 14th to 18th November: France
  • The news 218i Gran Coupé

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