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Khandini Rajmun Goraya : A Fashion Coach with a Strong Mind

Khandini Rajmun GorayaHaving less clothes, buy only what you need while flattering your style and body type: This is the concept behind The Minimalist. Launched by Khandini Rajmun Goraya in January 2017, the Grooming and Image Building company aims to redefine men and women’s dressing sense in order to allow them to project the right image and impression anywhere they go. The style coach shares with News on Sunday her stylish pathway in the fashion world and reveals her styled up mission. 

Bring to people the essence of a minimal style: This is the objective of The Minimalist, Grooming and Image Building enterprise launched last year by a young, inspiring fashion innovator. Khandini Rajmun Goraya, 28, narrates what motivated her to launch her atypical business, her views on the local fashion industry and her objectives as style coach. 

Despite not ever thinking of a career in the fashion industry when she was a child, Khandini however had a growing creative flair. “As my parents and my sisters are all in the education field, my surroundings always encouraged me to become an educator. I was inspired by my sister who was very creative and was dedicated to painting during her school days. I would spend hours watching her and gradually, I developed an interest in art from a very young age.”

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

She never imagined that one day, she would be in the Fashion field. “My thirst for learning and exploring led me to a Degree in Fashion from the University of Mauritius. This is where my style journey really took off,” she explains. After graduating, Khandini embarked on a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. 

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

“My professional career path started in the textile industry, where I gained expertise in product creation and designing, but I realised that this was not for me, as I did not feel fulfilled. Later on, I joined the retail industry whereby I was amazed by the challenging and dynamic environment, which gave a real boost to my professional experience. It gave way to personal growth and development as well as managerial skills. This job made me realize my potential & made me discover the ‘entrepreneur’ hidden in me,” she confides. In addition, she states, her Master’s Degree in Business Administration acted as an eye opener. “It helped me find the link between styling and entrepreneurship which gave way to the launching of The Minimalist in January 2017.”

Embracing Simplicity

Quite a new concept in Mauritius, The Minimalist is among the very few companies which exclusively offer grooming and image building consultation. Khandini explains that the concept of The Minimalist is different from others. “It is about bringing to people the essence of a minimal style, that is, saying NO to quantity and embracing simplicity. The idea promotes owning less clothes, dressing minimal & buying just what you need while flattering a stylish look and conquering a winning image wherever you go!” 

My thirst for learning and exploring led me to a Degree in Fashion from the University of Mauritius.This is where my style journey really took off."

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

The founder explains that the company aims to make a positive impact on the Mauritian Fashion Industry by offering Personal Styling Sessions & Image Building workshops to organizations or social groups/communities. “My styled up mission: ‘Educate men and women on style savvy secrets by building self-confidence and promoting minimalism in a green fashion industry,” utters Khandini. 

Mauritian fashion industry

The style coach trusts that Mauritius has a more trend-following fashion culture, influenced by western as well as Asian countries. “International brands are taking over and gaining more attention. This makes it hard for young entrepreneurs to flourish. There is a big need to change the mindset: international is not always better.”

In order to help and encourage the Mauritian youth to make a fruitful career in the fashion industry, Khandini believes that it is high time to allow local designers/entrepreneurs get visibility and access to international forums. “What is lacking is a dynamic, non-politicised and professional platform for designers to show case their creations through seasonal fashion shows where they are able to market their designs locally and internationally.”

Achievement and upcoming projects

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

Khandini states that her major achievement is the launching of the campaign ‘Clothing Drive Mauritius’. “It aims to reduce Fashion Pollution in Mauritius by encouraging Mauritians to do a wardrobe detox. That is, to come out of the vicious cycle about buying more and more clothes even if it does not suit their style. This results in a messy wardrobe. The project thus is about reducing excessive clothing by keeping the essentials and what suits one’s personal style.”

As the fashion industry is not at its best stage in Mauritius, making people understand the concept and my profession as a style coach was a major challenge."

She reveals that together with her team, they collect the unused clothes, repair & recycle them to finally donate to needy people. “Our moto is ‘Sharing a touch of love’! For the first edition, we collected 1,385 garments. The second edition was held in collaboration with L’Entrepot by Beachcomber.” 

The style coach confides, on the other hand, that her biggest challenge was to make people understand the concept behind The Minimalist. “As the fashion industry is not at its best stage in Mauritius, making people understand the concept and my profession as a style coach was a major challenge.” The most important thing she has learned so far in her career is to keep a strong mind. “I have learnt to have the mental toughness of never giving up, come what may! By listening to my inner voice, consistent perseverance and a strong desire to achieve success always paves the way forward.”

Khandini Rajmun Goraya

Regarding personal and professional projects in the pipeline, Khandini highlights that The Minimalist is coming up with ‘The Style Confidence Workshop’ scheduled for the 27th October at Voilà Bagatelle. “Another edition of the ‘Clothing Drive Mauritius’ campaign is planned for next year and we will be conducting staffs Relooking sessions for companies at the end of this year.”

How is she looking forward to the future as Founder and Style Coach of The Minimalist? “Our aim is to bring stylish goodness to people by boosting up their self image while making them shine with confidence. To sum up, the future of the company lies in the stylish transformation of fabulous people into a refined & polished look wherever they go! I can see a thriving future of The Minimalist community!”

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