Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 3 : Anwar Husnoo set upon by enraged crowd

As it has been the case for previous elections during the past years, voting day in Constituency No. 3 has been marked by major incidents on Thursday afternoon. At the Idrice Goumany Governement School, outgoing Minister of Health, Dr Anwar Husnoo, was set upon by an enraged crowd of people minutes before the closure of the voting centre. 


Things escalated fairly quickly after several supporters of a political side started to tease Dr Anwar Husnoo. Matters worsened when a crowd of people surged at him. Witnesses present on the site of the incident claimed that Anwar Husnoo was even slapped by a man. The outgoing Minister was rushed by his bodyguards in a classroom inside the school. He remained there till late night on Thursday. Anwar Husnoo denied having being slapped in the face. Let us recall that similar incidents took place in past elections involving supporters of different political parties.

Otherwise, the candidates of the main political parties were present at the different voting centres throughout the day. In the morning, a friendly atmosphere prevailed among the various candidates seen chatting among themselves irrespective of the political affiliations. MMM candidate Aadil Ameer Meea as well as Shakeel Mohamed from L’Alliance Nationale claimed that before the incident, everything was going on smoothly and that they were more or less satisfied with the participation rate.

Number of electors : 21 943
Voters Turnout : 15 962
Percentage of abstention : 27.26%


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