Législatives 2019

Constituency No. 20 : Candidates very hopeful

Roshi Badhain, leader of the Reform Party and candidate in the Constituency of No 20 (Beau Bassin / Petite Rivière), was accompanied by members of his family. Roshi Badhain in his press declaration in the morning declared that he will do his best so that his supporters accomplish their civic duty.

For Rajesh Bhagwan, candidate of the MMM, the score is a 3-0.  He deplores the problem of the organization of elections, though he admits that it was possible that the Electoral Commission was under pressure. At Barkly School, many people did not see their names on the list which is frustrating, according to him. “If it’s a technical problem, you have to adjust,” he points out.

Guito Lepoigneur, candidate of the L’Alliance Nationale, believes that there has been a very good response for his party in the Constituency of No 20. “I  hope that now the verdict be in favour of the party and we will be able to celebrate the victory together with the population,” he says. 

Candidates for L’Alliance Nationale in this Constituency are: Guito Lepoigneur, Norbert Marcel, Lovena Sowkhee. MMM: Rajesh Bhagwan, Lee Chin Foo Kune, Franco Quirin. Alliance Morisien: Toolsyraj Benydin, Ken Fat Fong Suk Koon, Gilles L’Entété

Number of electors: 44 504
Voters Turnout: 33 451
Percentage of abstention:24.84%


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