Législatives 2019

Constituency - No. 14 : some inconveniences but still smooth running 

An interesting constituency where two famous singers, Sandra Mayotte and Jasmine Toulouse, are confronting each other but at the same time, both are among those with the highest number of electors. A tough battle among the different political parties in this Constituency. It was business as usual. The inhabitants were happily going in the 22 centres to choose their representatives among 40 candidates. However, it has been reported that inhabitants along the coast of Tamarin, Rivière Noire and Petite Rivière Noire were unable to cast their votes for some obvious reasons. This caused some inconvenience. During the day, the number of voters kept on increasing. 

Ravin Jagurnath from MMM uttered that they are confident for a victory, as the population has been looking for a change. He hopes that everything goes on smoothly until results are known. Jasmine Toulouse and Kritanand Atma are his running mates. 

On the side of L’Alliance Nationale, the candidates Mahen Goondea, Veronique Leu-Govind and Ezra Jhuboo visited the Constituency throughout the day. Mahen Goondea averred that he is very much satisfied with the campaign and how the Election Day unveiled. “There have been one or two events that are against the rules and regulations. Now, they are taking their responsibility.” 

L’Alliance Morisien candidates are Prakash Ramchurn, Alan Ganoo and Sandra Mayotte. Prakash Ramchurn talked about fair play and how they worked together as a team. 

Number of electors : 63 500
Voters Turnout : 47 545
Percentage of abstention : 25.2%


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