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[Blog] A Satirical View From The UK : «PAS TOUSSE MO LAZOU!»

A ‘cheeky’, far from chivalrous, gesture by the cheeky chappy Chaumiere gets no cheers from the chaste chick Boygah!

Madame wasn’t charmed by the unwarranted ‘pincelazou’ and challenged the crass and classless Chaumiere. [...] Sandhya  went wild a la Lady Ga-ga. Not chuffed, Boygah chose to deny they ever were chums. They’re more like chalk and cheese, she indicated. No chit chat between these two. No sweet memories to be cherished, Boygah brags. 

Cherry on the cake: Chaumiere was chucked out of the assembly by the cheering feminist champion, Maya. Hard to chomp that Chaumiere got the chop for this faux-pas , while the charming cherub ‘Lalang’ is still there,with his lubricious chat lines on Snapchat. Tongue in cheek: a reprimand would have been more appropriate for the chav Chauvin.

‘PinceLazou’ incident may look cheap for some but B & C (Boygah and Chaumiere) may have started something as big  and stomach churning as the MeTOO (no relation with Javed!) movement. Expect many women (and men) coming out complaining having their cheeks, bottom and other parts of their conspicuous anatomy pinched by chubby, cheating and unchivalrous chaps. Others will be the butt of cheeky jokes. All to be taken with a pinch of salt, of course.

Flummoxed, J.Francois still is. The stir, the brouhaha a ‘pincelazou’ can cause! Take it on the chin bro. Cheese on chips and beer. Let bygones be (bygones) Boygah. It will soon be over. Cheerio.



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