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Dear friend,

PPS is killing me slowly and maliciously. I badly need easy access to CBD oil, which is now legal but not yet openly commercialised and easily accessible. It is state-controlled and hence gives extra power to a handful of unscrupulous medical and non-medical civil servants.

I understand that powerful business lobbies in the medical field, be it medical private practice or importation and sale of chemical painkillers (paracetamol-based) are dead against for it will affect business and profit. The argument that drug users will use it to prepare synthetic drugs is nothing less than ridiculous.

CBD oil, which is not psychoactive like THC, will help about a quarter of the population of the Republic, over 250,000 people who must daily face all kinds of pains and discomfort due to arthritis, sciatica, anxiety and depression, epileptic seizures, cancer pains, Parkinson, Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS), high blood pressure, insomnia, menstruation, menopause, diabetes complications, migraine etc.

CBD oil is legal and easily accessible in many countries including South Africa, India and most European countries and states in the USA.

We cannot allow a few “rupee-bespectacled-bastards” (Linet roupi dan lizie) deprive thousands of suffering honest citizens of a safe and efficacious medication.

Let us all walk the talk together and facilitate access to CBD oil.

Brotherly namaste,

Dev Virahsawmy (a PPS patient)


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