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51st Anniversary of Independence Celebrated with Grandeur - Pravind Jugnauth: “The strength of Mauritius lies in its unity” 

Mauritius celebrated with pomp the 51st anniversary of its Independence and the 27th Anniversary of the Republic in the presence of the Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina, on Tuesday at the Champ de Mars. On the program: The official ceremony of the flag-raising, a breathtaking patriotic parade and show highlighting our cultural diversity. Without forgetting the magnificent fireworks at 21:40. 

On the 51st Anniversary of Independence, the Prime Minister recalled that the strength of Mauritius lies in its unity. He stated that he is proud to lead a country where all people have the same opportunities. It was in his message to the nation broadcasted on the occasion of the National Day.

The Prime Minister stressed that March 12 is a sacred day that allows us to do two things. First of all, to celebrate, as patriots. Then remind us where we started, where we are and where we are going. The country, he says, is often cited as an example for its unity. According to him, if today we are together, it is because in 1968, our grandparents were mature, avoiding falling into the trap of violence and division. “They decided to work together for the future of their children. The country has advanced. I must salute their courage. Today, after 51 years, I am proud to lead a government that wants to conduct a fairer policy and ensure that all have the same opportunities.” 

Pravind Jugnauth's vision for the next 50 years is to continue to live in unity and diversity. “We must continue towards development and promote social justice for all. The basis of this vision has been put in place. In January 2018, the Government introduced the minimum wage. In January 2019, workers had a salary increase of Rs 400. Retirees' pensions also increased. Also in January of this year, free tertiary education became a reality in public institutions.” 

The head of Government also talked about the unemployment rate, which has gone down. The rate, he recalled, is at its lowest level in 10 years. “This week, I came up with a measure that will benefit women who want to open a business. They can now obtain loans up to Rs 500,000 without guarantee from the Development Bank. Economic growth has increased and the quality of life has improved.” 

Security Issue 

Addressing the issue of security, the Prime Minister hopes that Mauritians continue to live in harmony. “With the Safe City project, we will install 4,000 surveillance cameras in multiple locations. It is only those who are part of the mafia, the thieves, the traffickers and the criminals who will not appreciate the installation of these cameras.” 

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