50 days to go for NEW YEAR….


It is high time to recall our resolutions and complete them before the end of the year, so that we may step into the New Year as a better and a more confident person who doesn’t pull back from our words. The date 11th November is also known as Remembrance Day.

It marks the day World War 1 ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, back in 1918. Let’s keep the new generation informed and let’s also remember the sacrifices endured by our soldiers who participated in two World Wars and who set examples of bravery, but some of them never returned home. They are inspirations for all of us.

As from today, Friday 11th November, there are 50 days to go for the New Year. Every year we make resolutions. At the beginning of each New Year, many goals are set and promises are made. People often vow to lose weight, exercise, spend adequate time with family and friends, quit smoking, and get out of debt and save money.

How many of your 2017 goals have you accomplished? Or start with these basic questions: What are resolutions and why do we make them? How many of us are able to complete them and how many are not able to, and why?

For some people, making resolutions is just for fun, whereas for others, it is a matter of self-control and self-discipline. During those 50 days available, let’s try to remember the resolutions we made when this year started.

A couple of common resolutions that can change your life for good are: waking up early and going to bed early. But nowadays, the resolution that is of vital importance concerns young people: they need to spend less time on social media. They should also be aware that our country ought to be kept clean and rivers have to remain uncontaminated.

Time to recall

Recall your goals of 2017 and ponder on those that are realistic and need to be completed in these last 50days. For now, concentrate on short term goals which are more like tasks to be completed. For instance, if for the New Year, you had planned to read one book every month, you can complete this resolution by reading two books in these 50 days.

These books will not only turn you into a better person but also make you feel more confident in that you have achieved the goal you have set for yourself. Moreover, make some long term goals that will set some kind of groundwork for the future and that may last forever.

Identify distractions

Along with a determination to complete your goals, you also need to concentrate on the distractions. Sometimes, we don’t end up as a strong person because we never took the time to identify what is disturbing us. On the road to success, there will always be some stumbling blocks. If a person is able to identify what is bothering him, he will try to avoid or deal with the obstacles.

Remembrance Day

Today, 11th November, is also considered Armistice, which is also known as Remembrance Day. It marks the day World War 1 ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. This day is a memorial day observed to remember the members of armed forces who have died in the line of duty. Tradition includes a one- or a two-minute silence at 11 am, 11th November. It is a time when people can pay their respects to the substantial number of soldiers who died in battle.

Mauritians soldiers

A number of Mauritians, who participated in World Wars as combatants, lost their lives, too. Among them were many students from the Royal Colleges of Mauritius, who participated in the Wars on the French front. To mark the gratitude of the Mauritian people to those honourable martyrs, a bronze monument was inaugurated before the Royal College of Curepipe on Saturday 15th April, 1922.

Since then, on each 11th November, it is at the foot of the War Memorial that Mauritians continue to celebrate Remembrance Day with all solemnity and respect due to the event.  This year, these commemorations will mark the 95th time of the laying of wreaths and for the remembrance and reconciliation for those who died during the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

These ceremonies demonstrate the deep respect for our soldiers who honoured our country by their actions. So remember them and take inspiration from them to complete the goal you set for yourself and be a better person before the end of the year.


Savita Tiwari is a freelance journalist exploring Mauritius in all possible ways. She loves to write on every subject under the sun. Education and Children are her favourite topics.

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Savita Tiwari